119 Her Grandpa

    When the various Family Heads came out, they saw that an inconspicuous horse carriage was already passing before their eyes, and they watched it gradually going further from them. They clasped their hands over their fists to bid each other farewell and climbed into their respective carriages before relaying orders to pay more attention to Guan Xi Lin's actions henceforth.

    They were all thinking that since he had expelled himself from his Family Clan, then they could very well attempt to poach him into their own clans. Afterall, after the battle upon the stage today, they all could see that this young son would surely be extraordinary in the future!

    Ignoring the chaos that had broken out in the Guan Family, and not bothered by the gazes that others gave him, inside the horse carriage, Guan Xi Lin sat in silence and did not speak, no one knew what he was thinking.

    Noticing that, Feng Jiu asked: "Big Brother, do you regret it?"

    "No." He looked at her, and shook his head to say: "I do not regret expelling myself from the clan."

    "Then, what's on your mind?"

    He was quiet a moment before he said: "I have broken myself away from the Guan Family today by self expulsion. But, I am thinking to set up my own clan. I wish to establish a Family Clan in the Cloudy Moon City that will not be inferior to theirs."

    "Sure you can! That is a very good thought."

    She nodded with a wide grin on her face in agreement and then said: "Where do you want to buy a house? We can purchase it right away."

    Guan Xi Lin shook his head. "Little Jiu, I do not want to use your money. I would like to earn the money based on my own ability to make this a reality."

    Hearing those words, she had wanted to tell him to save himself the trouble, but when she saw him looking at her with such a determined expression on his face, his eyes flashing with determination, she made herself smile and said: "Alright. I won't help you. But, which part of the city do you intend set up shop in? I can at least help you take a look at the place, and see the location."

    Seeing that she did not insist any further, Guan Xi Lin then broke into a smile and said: "Thank you Little Jiu, on that, I will ask you to help even if you do not say it. You have a much better eye for these things than I do anyway."

    "That's true."

    She raised her head and nodded, her face smug. Her gaze had then unconsciously looked outside the window when the wind had blown the drapes open and she had accidentally spotted a figure, causing her expression to stiffen.

    "Stop the carriage."

    Leng Shuang who was on the outside of the pulled back on the reins and stopped the carriage.

    "What's wrong?" Guan Xi Lin was slightly puzzled as he looked at Feng Jiu who had put on her veil and stood up.

    "Big Brother, you go ahead with Leng Shuang, get a few servants and go back first. I have something to attend to and will go back on my own later." As she spoke, she draw the curtain open and walked out of the horse carriage.

    Guan Xi Lin was surprised and he followed outside in a hurry. "Little Jiu, let Leng Shuang accompany you. I can drive the carriage back myself."

    Leng Shuang was preparing herself to get off the carriage when Feng Jiu's voice came floating over.

    "No need, you guys just go! I'll be fine on my own."

    Hearing that, Leng Shuang did not try to follow, but instead turned to look at Guan Xi Lin.

    Guan Xi Lin was silent a moment and he decided not to insist but only said: "Since she doesn't want us following her, then let's go on ahead! She will be fine."

    "Mm." Leng Shuang acknowledged, casting a glance at her Mistress who was walking away to one side before she continued to drive the horse carriage forward.

    Feng Jiu went a ways backwards towards the direction the horse carriages had come and came to the front of a wine shop. Looking at the old man sitting in front of the wine shop while clasping a wine gourd before his body and refusing to leave, her eyes suddenly grew hot, an indescribable bitter feeling suddenly causing her heart to wince.

    That was her Grandfather. To put it more accurately, that was her body's original owner's Grandfather. Based on reason, she wouldn't hold much feeling for the old man but somehow, when she saw the elderly figure, the emotions just surged out from her heart.

    The indulgence her Grandfather had given her, his teachings and guidance, every single scene started playing over and over in her mind. Those images felt like they had all happened just yesterday, like she had experienced all of that herself.

    She saw him take a gulp of the wine from the gourd and then spat it all out before exclaiming loudly: "Pui pui pui." He then poured all the wine out from the gourd in disdain and a faint lifting of the corner of her lips slowly broke into a smile upon her face.
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