122 Missing Person in the Feng Residence

    "My face is veiled! How do you know I am your Little Feng?" Her hand grasped at the packet of Sugared Lotus Seeds, as she asked the question in her heart aloud.

    Afterall, even Murong Yi Xuan and Su Ruo Yun had not been able to recognize her at all, so how had her Grandfather managed to?

    Who knew it, but her words drew a gaze filled with disdain from the Old Patriarch.

    "Your Grandfather had watched you grow up from birth and are you now telling me just by putting a veil across your face I will not be able to recognize you? Moreover, your Grandfather has merely just gone into secluded cultivation for a few months, how could I not be able to recognize you?"

    Hearing his words, Feng Jiu then remembered that before the incident occurred, the Old Patriarch had been in secluded cultivation and he had just come out from seclusion and had immediately come out in search of wine. She was guessing that the old man still had yet to see the imposter Feng Qing Ge back in the Feng Residence.

    "Then have you managed to remember which family you are from already?"

    Old Patriarch Feng looked at her and shook his head as he said with a sigh: "Little Feng, Grandfather has just come out from seclusion after just a few months, but why do I feel like you have become foolish? You are my granddaughter, so whichever family you belong to, I will naturally belong to that family! Do you still need to ask?"

    A corner of Feng Jiu's mouth twitched. Although what he said wasn't exactly wrong in anyway, but, why did it sound somewhat strange for her to hear that? Moreover, it was obvious that he still had not recalled who he is himself!

    The two of them strolled on the streets a good half of the day and when they came near to the main doors of the Feng Residence, she stopped in her tracks and said: "You can just go back now! The next time you come out, do not give the Feng Guards the slip again or you will forget the way home once more."

    Old Patriarch Feng thought what she said sounded weird and he glanced at the doors of the Feng Residence, before turning back to see Feng Jiu having turned around to walk away where he asked in puzzlement: "Little Feng, aren't you going back with Grandfather? Where are you still going off to?"

    Saying that, he followed closely beside her and went on to lecture her: "You tell me, you a girl alone, how could you not have anyone follow you when you came out? What are you going to do if you meet with danger and gets abducted away? Our family only has you as our lone precious bundle. If you get kidnapped, where are we then going to find you?"

    "You're not going back?" Feng Jiu asked, looking at her Grandfather with a strange look in her gaze, her heart feeling rather perplexed. That's just great. What is she going to do with him now?

    Old Patriarch Feng looked smilingly at her and said disarmingly: "Are you going to stroll around some more? Grandfather will accompany you, and protect you at the same time. Might as well, your Grandfather has just come out after months of seclusion and I don't want to go back so soon."

    He then patted the wine gourd hanging on his hip and said: "And I still have not finished the wine yet!"

    Looking at the main doors of the Feng Residence and then turning to look at the old man beside her, she then sighed soundlessly as she led the old man away.

    -Inside the Feng Residence-

    Feng Xiao who had been chatting with Murong Yi Xuan had upon hearing the steward's report immediately jumped to his feet and shouted in a deep voice: "What? All of you didn't even realize that the Old Patriarch had come out of seclusion! ? And you can't find him anywhere inside and outside of the Feng Residence?"

    The steward hung his head, not daring to meet Feng Xiao's eyes and said: "Yes. That's right. Your old servant has already sent the guards to go out and search but there hasn't been any news yet."

    "He must have sneaked out in search of wine again!"

    Feng Xiao looked at Murong Yi Xuan and said in a slightly worried voice: "The Old Patriarch is missing and I need to go look for him. Qing Ge has been hiding inside her room since she came back and I will need to trouble you to help me go take a look at her."

    "Uncle Xiao, do you need me to send my men to help search as well?" Murong Yi Xuan stood up to ask.

    "That wouldn't be needed. We have enough men here and I guess he will be in one of the wine shops within the city. We will be able to handle it on our own."

    Upon saying that, Feng Xiao did not wait for a reply from Murong Yi Xuan but had quickly strode outside and he hollered in a booming voice: "Get the Feng Guards assigned to guard the Old Patriarch to come here before me!"
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