128 There’s Trouble!

    Old Patriarch Feng looked at him and his gaze darkened as he said, "That's right, I suspect she is not my Little Feng."

    "How can that be possible! Father, what did you encounter when you went out? Did someone tell you some nonsense and you actually chose to believe something so ludicrous?" Feng Xiao was finding it hard to accept that his own father would actually suspect his own daughter to be an imposter. What in the world was really going on?

    Watching Feng Xiao, Old Patriarch Feng shook his head. Even her own father had not been able to differentiate and tell that an imposter had been living under the same roof all this while. It was little wonder his Little Feng had not dared to come back.

    He stood up with his hands behind his back and blew out a deep breath. "Sometimes, a person eyes can become clouded up and there are many things that you have to use your heart to feel it, and see it with that heart. Your Father has lived to this age and I've eaten more salt than you've eaten rice."

    He glanced at his son and continued to say: "Even if she has the same face as Little Feng, and has the same Phoenix Birthmark, she is still not our Little Feng. You must realize that one's own feelings would never lie to you."

    He saw his a change in his Father's demeanor after he finished talking and he turned sharply and took wide strides out. Feng Xiao was quickly startled and he hurried to stop his father as he said: "Father, what are you thinking of doing?"

    Old Patriarch Feng stared at him and said: "She isn't my Little Feng and I am going to capture her to tear that mask off her face!"

    Feng Xiao was stunned when he heard those words and his tone grew heavier involuntarily as he said: "Father! Have you lost your mind! ? She is Qing Ge, your granddaughter, your Little Feng!" Feng Xiao felt that his father must have been possessed or it was not possible that he would say such ridiculous words.

    "Humph! I think you are the one who has gone mad! You can't even differentiate your own daughter from a fake and you still have the cheek to say you are Little Feng's Father? Do you even know what kind of suffering Little Feng had had to endure? Do you even know that! ?"

    Recalling the image of his precious little granddaughter's face so badly disfigured, his throat constricted up immediately and his eyes grew wet as he stared at his son.

    "Have you ever considered if the Feng Qing Ge here in our home is a fake, then where is our precious Little Feng? Is she suffering? Will she meet with any mishap? You haven't. You don't even dare think that there is such a possibility. Even when I told you about it, you still refuse to believe it. You tell me, with a father like you, how would my Little Feng dare to come back here?"

    "Father, what you are saying is something that could not possibly happen. I am very clear who my daughter is as she has always been by my side and there is nothing strange about her. So, how could what you are saying here possibly have happened? Father, are you feeling too tired? Or have you gotten yourself drunk? Why don't I help you back to your room to let you get some rest?"

    Feng Xiao wanted to go forward and help his father but unexpectedly, Old Patriarch Feng shook his sleeves hard and a powerful force came surging over, pushing Feng Xiao back several meters.

    "Worthless scoundrel! You wait and see. Wait till I have dealt with that thieving imposter and brought the real Little Feng back here before I'll come deal with you!"

    Old Patriarch Feng berated in fury and summoning his Qi he leapt, straight towards Feng Qing Ge's courtyard.


    Feng Xiao was greatly shocked and after shouting out, he hurried to follow after. Alas, his powers were inferior to Old Patriarch Feng's and his speed paled from the old man's. In just a blink, he had suddenly lost sight of his Father.

    Seeing that, he shouted out loudly: "Father! Do not do anything rash!"

    The Feng father and son had kicked up a big ruckus and almost everyone within the residence had been alerted where they all stuck their heads close together and debated in low whispers.

    "What is happening?"

    "I thought I heard the Patriarch say that the Young Miss is an imposter."

    "How is that possible! ? The Old Master must have gotten drunk again! How can it be possible the Young Miss is fake?"


    A shrill scream sounded and all the people who were discussing in heated debate were all suddenly taken aback with shock.

    "Uh oh!  There's trouble! Quick! Go see!"
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