129 Possessed

    By the time Feng Xiao came to his daughter's courtyard, his heart was badly shocked by the scene he saw that his heart almost jumped out from him.

    He saw that the Old Patriarch Feng had pulled out a long sword out from goodness knows where, while the sword was gripped in both of his hands imbued with mystical powers and he was slashing the sword haphazardly while his daughter hid on the side, crying out in terror.

    "Father! What are you doing! ?"

    He shouted out in shock, quickly charging forward wanting to snatch the sword from his hand to prevent him from hurting anybody. Who would have known that the Old Patriarch suddenly turned around and pushed him away and shouted: "Get away from me! This old man is going to kill her! I'll kill her!"

    All colour drained out from Feng Xiao's face and he leapt forward once again to hold his father tightly from behind and said: "Father! Wake up to your senses! That is Qing Ge! It's your granddaughter!"

    "She is not! She is not! She's hurt my Little Feng! She's already hurt my Little Feng! Argh! Let go of me! I am going to kill her!"

    The Old Patriarch's eyes were red and bloodshot as he continued to shout almost maniacally, struggling to lunge forward.

    No one was able to see that Feng Qing Ge whose panicked face had tears flowing down incessantly suddenly threw Old Patriarch Feng a very brief but highly venomous gaze filled with glee. That triumphant gaze had flashed only the slightest of moments, so fast that no one there had noticed it.

    She continued to bawl loudly and she looked highly panicked while shouting: "Father! Save me, Father! Grandfather wants to kill me! Waaahh....."

    When Feng Xiao heard his beloved daughter's helpless and pleading cry, he turned to look at his father whose eyes seemed almost maniacal. Seeing that his father was still refusing to be held down, he finally decided that he had to commit the sin of disrespect. He delivered a hard chop downwards, and knocked his father out.


    Old Patriarch Feng's body went limp and the sword he held in his hand fell to the ground. The entire courtyard then fell silent when they saw that the Old Patriarch had fainted.

    "Head Steward! Go invite Senior Lin to come and take a careful look at my Father." Feng Xiao ordered, his face solemn as he held the Old Patriarch up, summoning the Head Steward who was standing just outside the courtyard.

    "Yes." The Head Steward acknowledged in a hurry, quickly dispersing the gawking onlookers before he went to locate the healer within the residence.

    Feng Qing Ge then came walking over, her face still fearful as she asked: "Father, what happened to Grandfather?"

    "Are you hurt?" Feng Xiao asked as he turned towards her. Seeing her tearful face, he said soothingly: "No need to fear, with your Father here, no one will be able to harm you. Just go back to your room and Father will bring your Grandfather back." As he spoke, he held the unconscious Old Patriarch as he began walking outside.

    "Father, I want to go with you as well!" She caught up quickly with small steps and said: "I'm worried for Grandfather."

    "Alright!" Feng Xiao nodded, and allowed her to follow.

    Just moments after he laid the Old Patriarch into his bed, an old man came walking in led by the Head Steward.

    "Master." The old man offered a greeting to Feng Xiao.

    "Senior Lin, come take a look at my father quickly. See if he is unwell in anyway." Feng Xiao said anxiously, gesturing for Senior Lin to come forward.

    "Yes." Senior Lin acknowledged and he glanced at Feng Qing Ge beside the bed discreetly before he stepped forward to give Old Patriarch Feng a checkup. After a while, he retracted his hands and asked: "Master, did Old Master show any strange behaviour after he came back home?"

    Feng Xiao's eyes filled up with worry and he said with a sigh: "Father went out immediately after he came out from seclusion and I had thought he had gone drinking again. I had not expected to suddenly find him on the main street and I had already noticed then that he wasn't in a really good mood. Immediately upon coming back, he had flown into a rage and claimed that Qing Ge wasn't his granddaughter and had even gone charging right into Qing Ge's courtyard. By the time I reached there in a rush, I saw him swinging a sword all over the place and my heart almost leapt out of my chest."

    He then hesitated a moment and pondered for a little while before he said: "And, at that moment, I saw that the expression on his face did not look quite right."
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