132 Forthcoming with Her Identity


    Leng Shuang greeted and then turned to Guan Xi Lin and nodded at him. "Young Master."

    "How?" Feng Jiu asked, looking at Leng Shuang.

    "Some things had indeed happened in the Feng Residence these past couple of days. Old Patriarch Feng had been locked up within."

    "Locked up?" Her brows creased up, as her voice raised involuntarily up a notch.

    "Yes, but as it is a matter within the Feng Residence, few people outside knew much about it. All I could find out was that General Feng had invited quite a number of physicians into the residence and they had all diagnosed that Old Patriarch Feng was afflicted by the demons of lunacy, saying that as he posed the danger of attacking people, the Old Patriarch was hence locked up."

    Hearing that, the expression on Feng Jiu's face deepened and she did not speak for a moment which Guan Xi Lin found rather strange. He looked at Leng Shuang and then turned his gaze upon Feng Jiu a moment before he could not hold himself back any longer to ask: "Little Jiu, why are you looking into the affairs of the Feng Residence?"

    Upon hearing that, she turned to look at Guan Xi Lin and seeing his face filled with curiosity with Leng Shuang similarly looking at her, she hesitated another moment before she finally said: "Maybe it's time I should tell you guys about this."

    The hearts of the two people jumped slightly and their gazes became fixed upon her. They knew she had been keeping some secrets to herself but as she had not spoken about it, they had not wanted to probe.

    "I have another identity, as the daughter of Feng Xiao, Feng Qing Ge."

    "WHAT! ?"

    Hearing her speak those words, it seemed as though they had been struck by lightning and stormy waves were crashing against their hearts.

    "You are Feng Qing Ge? Then..... Then what about that Feng Qing Ge we encountered the other day? Who was that then?" Guan Xi Lin's eyes widened in stunned shock, his face contorting up in surprise.

    But, he knew that Little Jiu would never lie to them. Recalling back to the day that he felt that Feng Qing Ge had been somewhat similar to Feng Jiu, and after hearing Feng Jiu tell him this today, he began to feel that it might not be all that unbelievable.

    At that moment, even the ever cold and indifferent Leng Shuang's face was also completely stunned.

    If the Mistress was Feng Qing Ge, then that would explain why she would be so concerned about the affairs of the Feng Residence. But, if her Mistress was the Young Miss of the Feng Residence, Feng Qing Ge, then, could it be that imposter who was now posing herself as Feng Qing Ge was the person who had disfigured her Mistress' face?

    "Her name is Su Ruo Yun and she was picked up on the streets by me when she was just several years old. She had then served at my side ever since then but a person's heart is hard to fathom. She took over my identity and disfigured my face before selling me off to a brothel, even feeding me poison before that in fear that I will not die."

    Feng Jiu's voice was light and indifferent, like she was talking about something that happened to another person. But Guan Xi Lin and Leng Shuang heard that, their fists clenched up tightly and their hearts felt the pain so strongly that they wished for nothing more at that moment than to rip up that venomous woman called Su Ruo Yun into shreds!

    Feng Jiu took a sip of the sweet soup that had turned slightly cold and showed a grin upon her face before she said: "But, despite all her meticulous calculations, she wouldn't expect that I would have survived, nor expect that I have actually returned."

    "Little Jiu, for you to not return to the Feng Residence, is it because you are afraid that your father and grandfather will not recognize you after your face has become so badly disfigured?" Guan Xi Lin asked, the expression on his face looking highly pained as his heart cringed up in a ball.

    When he had first met Feng Jiu in the Nine Entrapment Woods, she had faced off against a pack of wolves alone. The absolute ruthlessness and complete lack of mercy she had exhibited at that moment was well remembered by him till this day. He had always been stumped by the kind of family background that would be able to nurture and groom a girl to become like her but at that moment, he completely understood.

    It had not been of her own volition but she had been forced to grow up in a hurry and if she did not become so ruthless, she would not have been able to survive.

    "Although my face has been disfigured, but when I happened to meet my Grandfather on the streets the other day, he had immediately recognized me straightaway." Thinking about that Old Patriarch Feng who loved wine as much as his life, Feng Jiu could not help but show a smile upon her lips.

    That smile then faded, and a tinge of worry came into her heart. [He is now being confined, wonder how he is doing?]
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