133 Night Visit to the Feng Residence

    "Could it be that the rumour Old Patriarch Feng is afflicted with the demons of lunacy is actually the work Su Ruo Yun behind the scenes?"

    Guan Xi Lin's eyes widened, thinking that that woman was just too terrifying. Having stolen Little Jiu's identity and not treating her family members as kin but instead scheming against them like this. Such a woman deserved nothing else but to be cut up in a million pieces!

    Feng Jiu was deep in thought a moment and nodded her head. "It is not possible that Grandfather would suddenly become like that immediately upon his return. I'm certain it must be one of her schemes at play. We'll talk about it again after I go over there tonight."

    "You're thinking of infiltrating into the Feng Residence? But, at a place like the Feng Residence, the security will surely be tight. It will not be easy to go in and out of the place as you like." Guan Xi Lin said a little worriedly and then continued: "Moreover, if you're caught and taken as an assassin, what will you then do?"

    "You don't have to worry about that. With the level of powers I possess at this moment, it's not a problem just infiltrating into the Feng Residence." She said, her tone filled with confidence. Turning her gaze upon Guan Xi Lin, she then said: "I will settle this matter myself and you don't have to worry about me. We'll wait till after my visit to the Feng Residence tonight before we talk."

    "Alright. But you've got to be careful." Guan Xi Lin reminded worriedly.

    "Mistress, would you need me to go with you? Or to support you from outside?" Leng Shuang opened her mouth to ask.

    "No need."

    She stood up and said to the two of them: "You two just wait for me at home. I'm going back to my room for my cultivation and you need not call me for dinner." After informing them of her intentions, when she was just turning around to go back to her room, she suddenly stopped and looked at Leng Shuang.

    "My brother wants to go to the black market's arena. Go there to make the arrangements and tell them to look out for him."

    "Yes." Leng Shuang acknowledged. After seeing Feng Jiu enter her room, she then turned to Guan Xi Lin and asked: "Young Master, you want to go to the arena?"

    "That's right, I would like to try my skills out in there."

    His voice was filled with a kind of anticipation and his gaze was almost sparkling with excitment as he said: "I am thinking of entering the Starry Cloud Academy as well, hence, in the competition that is held once every three years, I need to achieve a rank within the top ten within the Sun Glory Country."

    "The Starry Cloud Academy recruits their students only once every three years as well and you will have an entire year to prepare myself." As Leng Shuang spoke, she turned to him and continued to say: "But, that place has always been strict as the most elite from everywhere gathers at that one place. In just one year, are you really confident that you will be able to gain entry into the Starry Cloud Academy?"

    "I will definitely make it!" He sounded highly determined, his eyes looking full of confidence.

    After returning to her room, Feng Jiu went into the space to cultivate. Within that space, the energy from her mystical power spiralled quickly around her, becoming more intense as it swirled. After cultivating her mystical energies, Feng Jiu worked on her martial arts. It was not till night had fallen that she finally stepped out from the space.

    Changing into a set of full black clothes, she then covered her face. With a tap of her toes, she leapt out from the courtyard towards the Feng Residence.....

    At that moment, within the Feng Residence's main hall, the place was lit almost bright as day.

    Quietly slipping into the Feng Residence, Feng Jiu routed around onto the roof of the main hall and crouched down as she lifted a tile off the roof to look down through the small gap.

    She saw Feng Xiao seated upon the main seat of the house, listening to Murong Yi Xuan at the bottom left explain the reason for his visit. Feng Xiao's face was livid and in a fit of rage, he smashed his palm upon the table to let out a deafening roar: "You just say that one more time!"

    Murong Yi Xuan's handsome and attractive face was filled with guilt and highly apologetic. He stood up and said respectfully: "Uncle Xiao, I know this is hard for you to accept, but this is what I have decided only after putting much deep thought into it. I have also spoken to Qing Ge about this as well."

    Murong Yi Xuan looked up at the fuming Feng Xiao and said in a voice filled with remorse: "Hence, I wish that the Feng Family can be the party to push it forward, proposing to withdraw from the betrothal. In this way, it will at least reduce the hurt this would bring to Qing Ge to the lowest possible."
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