136 Highly Skilled with Poison

    As his heart filled with doubt and he was still thinking deeply, his thoughts were interrupted by a another voice.

    "Father, what happened?"

    Feng Qing Ge stepped quickly to come to Feng Xiao's side. Seeing the two figures fighting atop the roof, her eyes widened involuntarily and she asked: "An assassin dared to break in here? What had he come here for? What about Grandfather? Is Grandfather alright?"

    "Your Grandfather's missing." Feng Xiao said with his brows creased together and with undisguised worry in his eyes. [Father's health had already become like that and now he had suddenly gone missing. Who could have abducted him? And what motives could that person have?]

    "What? Grandfather has gone missing?"

    She was startled as her heart filled with suspicions. [How did the Old Patriarch go missing? Could he really have been abducted? But what could they achieve by abducting him? And, they were able to come to the heavily guarded Feng Residence to abduct a person like the place was empty? Just how skilled was that person?]

    'Swoosh! Bam bam!'

    Punches and kicks struck against each other, the air filling with blasts of wind and impact. The two figures one black and one white were shrouded with their intense mystical auras, neither holding back on their strikes, every stroke highly vicious which made everyone below watch with rapt attention.

    While Feng Xiao was still feeling shocked by the skills of the black robed man, he saw the black robed man delivering a sweeping side kick, the leg that swept through the air was even enveloped by a malevolent shimmering Qi that was visible to the eyes, swinging at a high speed towards Murong Yi Xuan.


    Murong Yi Xuan grunted and his body lost its balance causing him to fall from the room towards the ground. He quickly adjusted himself, summoning his Qi to let him land on his feet. But as the speed and power that he had been descending at, he still fell a few steps backwards before he could steady himself.

    By the time he stood steady upon his feet and looked up, he saw the black figure upon the roof turn his eyes towards him. That gaze, made him feel that it looked rather familiar and for a moment, he lost himself as his heart palpitated.

    "Give chase!"

    Feng Xiao saw the figure in black leaping away in escape, quickly disappearing into the night and he immediately ordered the guards to go capture the culprit.

    How could the speed of the Feng Guards hope to be able to catch up to Feng Jiu? Even upon leaving the Feng Residence, Feng Jiu had not stopped continuing with her leaps and bounds, quickly leaving her pursuers far behind. Only when she came close to the outside of the courtyard upon her return did she bring the Old Patriarch out and jumped leapt into the manor while holding him to go to the inner courtyard.

    "Little Jiu, how was it? Did it go well?" Guan Xi Lin and Leng Shuang had waited within the courtyard for her and when they saw her come back, they immediately rushed up to her to help.

    "It went alright." Feng Jiu replied as she handed the Old Patriarch to Guan Xi Lin and then went on to say: "Bring him into the room first. Leng Shuang, you stay guard here in the courtyard."

    "Yes." Leng Shuang acknowledged, and remained in the courtyard.

    Inside the room, Guan Xi Lin laid the Old Patriarch gently upon the bed as he stared at the thin and unconscious old man. He turned his head back around to seek Feng Jiu and asked: "Little Jiu, what is wrong with your Grandfather? Why does his entire person look so haggard?"

    Feng Jiu walked out from behind the screen, already changed into casual clothes. She washed her hands and then came walking over as she said: "Big Brother, help me draw a basin of clear water here first."

    As she spoke, she sat herself down by the bed and checked her Grandfather over once again, before she pulled out a silver needle and place it to the side.

    Guan Xi Lin then came in with the clean water and he put it down at the side before he stood on one end of the bed, not wanting to interrupt Feng Jiu. He saw her taking out a silver needle and then pricking it over all ten of her Grandfather's fingers with it before putting the old man's hands into the water while squeezing the blood out.

    When he saw the basin of water becoming stained with blood that had a blackish tinge, he could not hold back his gasp.

    "That venomous woman had actually used poison upon your Grandfather!"

    Feng Jiu's gaze darkened and she said: "She is really highly skilled with poison. Otherwise, it wouldn't be possible for so many physicians to be unable to detect it."
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