142 You’re Not Dead?


    The black robed man acknowledged. He had already wanted to snatch that veil off to see the real face beneath and now, he was finally given the opportunity to do that.

    Watching the black robed man striding over to her, Feng Jiu's hand pressed against her calf without anyone noticing as she turned to stare at the man, her gaze fixed upon him. Her eyes then arced slightly, like they were smiling faintly.

    Seeing that, the middle aged man's brows furrowed up further as he thought that the girl was rather strange and he was just about to sound out a word of caution when he saw the girl who had been sitting upon the ground suddenly jump up with a leap as the cold gleam of a dagger spun within her hand. In the very next moment, the sharp point of the dagger edged with chilling murder was thrust straight towards the black robed man.

    "Look out!"

    A sharp shout rang out and the black robed men around immediately reacted but they only saw the body of the black robed man who was in a half crouch as he reached out to tug the face veil off the girl suddenly stiffened, before he fell to the ground with a groan.


    "You..... You!"

    The black robed man who had captured and brought her here stared with his eyes wide, completely stunned as he looked at the abrupt and complete change in the aura of the girl.

    The delicate demeanor was now replaced with a cold chill. They wasn't a single trace of mystical aura from her body before but right at that moment, she stood there in her spot, a mystical aura so thick it was visible to the eye, a mystical aura that was more intense than any of theirs there!

    Those eyes that had earlier been filled with terror was at that moment slightly narrowed, shining with an undisguised sinister glint. If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he really would not be able to believe that the girl before his eyes now was the very same weak and frail person from earlier!

    Feng Jiu just stood there, her hand toying with the exquisite and sharp dagger, her half narrowed eyes gazing over the several black robed men around her before finally falling upon the figure of the middle aged man.

    "I had not thought that I would come to see an old familiar face. What a surprise this is!"

    Hearing those words, the middle aged man's voice lowered and a glint flashed within his eyes as he inquired: "Old familiar face? Since we're on familiar terms, why would your esteemed self need to wear a veil and not dare to show your face?"

    "Ha ha....."

    Feng Jiu laughed lightly, her laughter like silver bells, highly pleasing to the ears. On this quiet and tranquil night, it sounded extra clearly.

    The laughter then stopped and her voice that was seven parts nonchalance and three parts arrogance said: "It isn't that I do not dare show my face, but it's just that none of you are fit to even lay eyes upon my countenance.

    She swept her gaze around the courtyard and said: "I assume that this place isn't the real hideout right? I am really curious just how much powers Su Ruo Yun has hidden behind her."

    When he heard those words, the middle aged man's gaze shrank and a wild storm seemed to rise up within his heart, driving him to fall back a step. His sharp and vicious gaze stared fixedly at her like he was trying to see the face through that face veil.

    "It's you? You're not dead?"

    Only a few people knew of this matter and could this girl here really be that Feng Qing Ge? It must be true as he had found that figure and her eyes rather familiar looking and it had turned out to be the very same girl that they had presumed to be dead!

    But, in these few short months, how had she managed to bring about such a great change?

    That terrifying and devilishly bloodthirsty aura shrouding her entire body, and that confident arrogance emanating from her demeanor. If she had not said those words, he wouldn't have been able to guess her identity at all, and not be able to recognize the girl to be that Feng Qing Ge.....

    "If I had died, how will I then be able to come seek revenge against all of you?"

    Under the veil, the ends of her mouth hooked up slightly, her gaze staring at him as she approached him a step at a time: "Maybe, you can just try and see if you will be able to escape from me today?"
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