144 Begging to Tell It To Me

    Seeing the sinister glint in his eyes, Feng Jiu sneered: "You will soon know if I am the real Qing Ge."

    The moment her voice trailed off, the pace of her movements suddenly increased, as if at the speed of light, the speed seemed to have increased phenomenally by several times from before! It caused the already shocked middle aged man to be unable to react in time and by the time he recovered from the shock, he only felt a cold sensation pricking into his neck.

    "So? Didn't I say that you won't be able to escape from here?"

    The voice was gentle as it sounded out from behind him. His body stiffened and his eyes went wide as his face was highly incredulous while he said: "How, how is it possible....."

    He was afterall a Martial Master at the peak levels, so how could he be restrained by her in just a mere instant? !

    However, the sharp pain he was feeling upon his neck and that faint stench of blood reflected the cold truth of the situation he was in. He had fallen, fallen under the hands of a woman he had regarded with utter contempt, and what's more, this woman was really Feng Qing Ge!

    "Tsk tsk... I had thought that you would have killed yourself with poison the moment you were caught but it seems that you cherish your own life a lot more than I thought."

    Listening to her voice that was absolutely dripping with sarcasm, the middle aged man's body stiffened slightly as he closed his eyes in resignation. "What do you want?"

    She was right, he didn't want to die. With his cultivation having already reached the realm of a Martial Master in the peak levels, why would he choose to kill himself? Although he knew he wouldn't come to any good end in her hands, but he still could not make himself really take his own life.


    Several screams floated in from the other side. When he opened his eyes to look, he saw all the other black robed men had been taken down and were all unconscious with their mouth hanging open unshut, which obviously told him that the man had dislocated their jaws.

    Seeing that, his eyes dimmed and his heart sank to the bottom of a gorge.

    [They had completely underestimated the enemy. The two people they had thought would be easy prey had instead made more than ten of them all fall here in this place. How are they going to inform the Mistress about the situation?]

    "I've told all of you that your fists are not as tough as mine and none of you believed me!"

    Guan Xi Lin lifted a foot and kicked at the few people at his feet before he walked over to Feng Jiu and said with a grinning smirk: "Little Jiu, I've pulled out all their jaws and knocked them unconscious."

    Feng Jiu glanced over at the whole lot of them and said coldly: "Maim their cultivation completely."


    He turned around without another word and completely mained all their cultivation. In an instant, all those people who had been knocked unconscious had their consciousness knocked back into them as excruciating pain took hold while all their cultivation faded off from their bodies. But with their jaws dislocated, they could not utter any sound and their bodies could only merely convulse limply upon the ground.

    Having seen the entire bunch of men having their cultivation maimed in just a blink of an eye, the middle aged man's face turned pale, completely devoid of any colour, a look of panic quickly filling his eyes.

    Decades of hard work and dedication poured into his cultivation, how could he be willing to forgo it all?

    "Tell me what I want to know, and I can let you have a quick and easy death."

    Hearing the voice sounding out from behind him, the middle aged man eyes steeled and he clenched his jaw tight as he spat: "Kill me as you wish! You will never be able to pry anything out of my mouth!"

    "Is that so?"

    The corners of Feng Jiu's lips curled up and she suddenly lashed out with a kick of her foot and his knees immediately buckled causing him to fall onto his knees while she pushed her mystical power through a hand to seal up his cultivation, while at the same moment, she forced a pill right into his mouth.

    "Hmph! Is there a need to feed me poison? Kill me if you want as I will never utter a single word to plead for mercy!"

    The middle aged man said as he snorted coldly. The pill that dissolved as soon as it went into his mouth could only be poison that would burn through his stomach without even needing to think about it. He may not have had the courage to commit suicide and dying in her hands might be rather regretful but he would never show her the slight tinge of fear!

    After having sealed his cultivation, she walked to the front from behind him as she toyed with the dagger in her hand, the faint smile in her eyes sparkling strangely.

    "No, you will tell me, and you will even be begging to tell it to me."
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