145 The Best Drug

    When he saw the strange glint in her eyes, the middle aged man's heart skipped a beat and a wave of uneasiness washed over him.

    "Big Brother, have a look around and see if there's a dungeon or something like that here." Feng Jiu asked, her eyes narrowed in smiles as an excited gleam shone within her eyes.

    "Okay." Although Guan Xi Lin had no idea what she was up to, but he still carried out her words to the letter and quickly searched one round through the residence which wasn't considered to be too big.

    "What are you up to exactly?"

    "You will soon find out." Feng Jiu replied with a soft laugh. A short while later, she saw Guan Xi Lin coming back.

    "Little Jiu, there's no dungeon in here but there is a metal cage which looks like it's meant for locking people in."

    "Throw them all into the cage then." She said and gestured for the middle aged man to be thrown in first. Following that, she stuffed a pill each into the mouths of all the other black robed men and having them all dragged to the back.

    Throwing them all into the cage and locking it up, Feng Jiu dragged a chair over and found herself a spot fully intending to enjoy a good show. Thereafter, she seemed to look like she just remembered something as she looked at the convenient brother she acquired and she blinked her eyes: "Big Brother, are you going to watch too?"

    "Watch what?"

    Guan Xi Lin looked at her in puzzlement. He only saw that she had the men all locked up inside the cage and had moved a chair in to sit down to watch them and he had absolutely no idea what she was watching them for.

    Hearing his reply, Feng Jiu coughed lightly and gave an awkward laugh as she said: "It's nothing really. Big Brother, help me stand guard in the outer yard, in case more of their people come here." She had better send him away from here or it would only taint his pure and innocent soul.

    "Alright, you be careful in here. If anything crops up, just call out to me." He then nodded to her without suspecting anything as he walked out, to come to the outer courtyard.

    Seeing that, she then turned her head around to look at the middle aged man in the cage with a wicked smile and said: "It's still not too late for you to talk now. I've said it, I can let you have an easy death."

    The moment her voice dropped, she swept her gaze across the group of black robed men who were slowly coming awake. As their jaws had been pulled out they were unable to close their mouths. But as they had had a moment's rest, the strength was returning back to their bodies. However, with their cultivation maimed, they were all merely ordinary people now.

    A sudden hot flush that surged through his body startled him, especially when he saw the bunch of black robed men were tugging at their own clothes with their eyes glazed over, his face immediately changed and he was suddenly screaming silently.

    "You...! You actually drugged us with aphrodisiac!"

    There was no doubt but absolute certainty of what she had fed them. The hot flush coursing through one's body was no lie and the behaviour and mannerisms of those men could not possibly be faked. But, he had never ever expected that she was actually capable of dreaming up with a method like this!

    It must be known that they were all men!!

    "Let me out! Let me out quickly!"

    When he saw the several men started pulling on each other robes, and one of them already hugging his thigh and pulling at his pants, his face immediately turned deathly pale and drained of all colour, unable to hide the expression of utter panic any longer which showed unbridled upon his face.

    "Not to worry, I only gave you a small dose of it. What all the others took were extra heavy doses."

    Her eyes flashed with a glint of sinister humour as she said highly casually: "There's only one way for you to get out of there. Obediently tell me what I want to know and you do not need to be wrecked and ruined by those men. Otherwise, heh heh....."

    "Argh! Get away from me!"

    One of the men pounced onto him shocking him into letting out a shrill scream and he lifted a foot to kick him away. His hands gripped the bars of the iron cage tightly as he shouted panickedly: "Let me out! I'll talk! I'll tell you everything you want to know!"
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