148 Setting the Mountaintop Ablaze

    "Little Jiu, is this Poison Clan that woman's nest?"

    Guan Xi Lin asked in a whisper, feeling a little incredulous. It must be known that the Poison Clan held power comparable to a medium grade Family Clan in the Cloudy Moon City and no one had been able to uncover who the mastermind hidden behind them was. It was unimaginable that it was actually Su Ruo Yun who stole Little Jiu's identity.

    "That's right." She replied as she pulled out a bottle and poured out two pills. "Eat it. It's an antitoxin pill."

    Hearing that, Guan Xi Lin took one and swallowed it before he asked rather worriedly: "How are we going to annihilate this Poison Clan? I heard that the Poison Clan has quite a number of members and they're all skilled in poison. Will just the two of us be able to do it?"

    Feng Jiu swallowed the other pill and then said: "We don't need to do it directly. We'll just have to attack poison with poison. Let's go."

    That night, was destined to be a sleepless night.

    In the Feng Residence, Su Ruo Yun was still happily awaiting the good news she expected to receive tomorrow after daybreak. However, when dawn came and went but she still did not see anyone coming to report to her, like a rock that sunk into the sea, she did not hear even a peep.

    From morning till afternoon she waited but there was still no news and finally unable to wait any longer, she made an excuse to go out and she went towards a house in the south of the city.

    'Knock knock.'

    Two knocks sounded on the door and she looked left and right as she stood outside the door. Having waited for a while and when there was still no one coming to open the door, the ominous feeling within her heart then began to grow stronger, driving her to just leap over the outer wall to go inside.

    It would have been better if she had not come in. Upon entering and seeing the scene within the cage in the courtyard behind, she could not help but gasp in horror.


    That unsightly scene made her face immediately turn a highly ugly shade. Especially when she saw that the middle aged man was also within that cage, it shocked her even more greatly.

    His powers were equivalent to the main pillar of strength of a medium ranged Family Clan and he had always stayed close by her side to make it easier to issue orders to him. For one who held powers of a Martial Master at the peak levels, he was not a person that anyone would be able to kill easily. Seeing the highly humiliating manner that he had died, it both shocked and infuriated her greatly!

    "Could this be done by Guan Xi Lin and his sister? According to investigations, that Guan Xi Lin was not even at the level of a Martial Master, how could he possibly be able to lock the Left Protector who was a peaking Martial Master in the cage?"

    She mumbled softly to herself, unable to calm her heart after witnessing that scene and then decided that she needed to link up to the people in the Poison Clan to ask them about the situation.

    Hence, just as she was turning around to leave, she set the house ablaze.

    Once outside and as she walked along the street, she recalled the horrendous sight she had witnessed just now and she felt absolutely disgusted. Killing someone was merely causing their head to drop to the ground and even she herself was unable to dream up such a cruel and terrifying way to punish someone.

    "Have you heard? The Poison Clan was completely obliterated by someone last night! It was said that a blaze had wiped out everything on the mountaintop and it was only this morning that the fire was put out. Many people went to see and they said that everything was razed to the ground."

    "Wah! Really? Who did it? The Poison Clan held as much power as a mid ranged Family Clan and they have already been established for years! How could they possibly be annihilated within just one night?"

    Hearing the hushed whispers that reached her ears, Su Ruo Yun's heart sank. She turned her head back to look at the several people at the roadside tea stall and went striding over to them. She clamped her hand onto the shoulder of one of the men and said in a chillingly menacing voice.

    "What did all of you just say? Repeat it one more time!"

    "Oww! My shoulder....." The middle aged man whose shoulder was caught in her hand's grip immediately broke out in cold sweat, his face suddenly pale.

    The two other men at the side saw it and immediately said quickly: "Miss, let go of him. We'll tell you everything. The Poison Clan was annihilated last night and the mountaintop was razed with no single survivor. This matter has spread throughout the entire city and you can just ask anyone. They will tell you the same thing."
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