148 The Poison Clan Gets Annihilated

    When she heard those words, Su Ruo Yun felt as she was trapped within a frozen glacier, her entire body turning chill. She fell back a few steps in a stagger, unable to accept that the news was fact.

    "No.... Impossible..... It's not possible....."

    The middle aged man heaved a sigh as he massaged his painful shoulders from being grabbed and snapped begrudgingly: "What do you mean it's impossible? I even went over this morning to take a look and the entire mountaintop was completely razed! There wasn't a single survivor at all!"

    "That's right, everyone's talking about it since morning and several Family Clans in the city had sent people to go verify it, but till now, no one has said a word about the culprit who could have been responsible for annihilating them!"

    "That cannot be possible! I do not believe it!"

    Su Ruo Yun cried out loudly as she swung a cold and highly vicious gaze upon the men before she immediately went away with wide strides.

    [She has to go see! She must see it with her own eyes! She will never believe that all her years of hard work had gone under the torch in just one night!

    "Has that woman gone loony? Those people from the Poison Clan aren't doing people any good  anyway and they're better off dead. What is she getting so riled up for?"

    "Don't bother about her. She's just a crazy woman, she grabbed me so hard that my shoulder is still hurting!"

    The middle aged man rubbed at his shoulder as he spoke to say: "However, to be able to destroy such a powerful nefarious force in just one single night is simply too incredible! What do you say? Do you think this could be related to the Ghost Doctor.....?" His voice trailed off without finishing the sentence significantly softer, his tone tinged with a high degree of wariness.

    "Why would you say that? Why would the Ghost Doctor go annihilate the Poison Clan for no reason?"

    "Well, aren't poisons and healing mutually antagonistic? What's so surprising about him annihilating the Poison Clan? Then again, if it wasn't the Ghost Doctor who did it, who else would possess such capability? Only the Ghost Doctor possesses the capability to achieve such a feat, annihilating a powerful clan within just one night. wouldn't you agree?"

    Hearing those words, the other men similarly lowered their voices in caution: "You mean to say that the destruction of the Xu Family was the deed of the Ghost Doctor and the annihilation of the Poison Clan was also the work of the Ghost Doctor? I'd say this to you now, it's best for you not to speak so carelessly. Pray mind that loose tongues bring disaster.....  And afterall, nobody saw anything, isn't that right?"

    When they heard the often said "loose tongues bring disaster", the men exchanged knowing glances and did not bring up that topic anymore, but parted ways to return back to their homes after finishing a few cups of tea.

    When Su Ruo Yun arrived at the mountaintop that had been completely razed to the ground, all the nosy parkers who had been here to pry and watch the show had already dispersed. Her eyes were red as she stared at the badly charred and bare mountaintop and an unstoppable rage surged upon her heart which caused her to spurt out a whole mouthful of blood, making her fall to the ground.

    "How could this...how could this be..."

    She muttered in a whisper to herself listlessly, her entire being looking like she had lost her soul. This was the place where she had devoted all her heart and soul into while sparing no effort, a force she had everything intention of building up and expanding. But before her eyes, it had all been laid to waste in just one night.....

    The surging blood and rage made her heart wince with pain and she sat there upon the ground for a long while before she stood up, her listless eyes suddenly rekindled with a cruel and vicious gleam, her hands clenching up tightly into fists.

    "I will definitely not let any of you off for this! Definitely not!"

    Her jaws clenched tight, she turned around resolutely to leave. The Poison Clan was no more, then she would just bring the Feng Guards over! The Feng Guards are the main pillar of strength of the Feng Residence, a force that even the ruler of the Sun Glory Country was fearful of!

    She would only need to take over the Feng Guards by becoming the Feng Lord. By then, it would be needless to mention just that sibling pair, even if she wanted to obliterate a medium sized Family Clan, it would only be a matter of giving the order!

    She had wanted to wait for a period of time before this as the real Feng Qing Ge in the past had rarely come in contact with the Feng Guards and the only form of interaction they had was only with the one or two Feng Guards sent over to protect her. As for all the other guards, they had not even met a single time.

    But now, she wanted to be the Feng Lord! She must get her hands on that force!
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