201 You’ve Thought Too Much Into I

    The Hell's Lord's dark gaze fell upon her soft tender lips, looking at the moistened lips slightly parted to bloom into a devilish smile, and he could not help but feel his heart drum.

    He glanced at her with her teasing expression on her face and his voice came out low and a little raspy as he said: "Feels like I can't bear to let go."

    Hearing those words, Feng Jiu who had intended to make fun of him suddenly found the corners of her mouth cringing up and she then looked at that handsome face that was coming closer and closer. Her entire being struggled to break free from his hands and jumped up, retreating away from him as she eyed him warily, her face infuriated.

    "Hell's Lord! I do not have male and male tendencies! Even if you seek to wreck harm, you shouldn't wreck it upon me! I'm just fifteen years old and am a flower just about to bud, I will not be able to withstand being ravaged by you."

    Outside the door, Shadow One nodded his head with a tear in his eye upon hearing those words, thinking to himself in his heart: [That's right, that's right. My Lord, even if you have the Broken Sleeve habit, you shouldn't choose that kid! What's so good about that kid? Besides being queer and crafty, he's also disfigured! If you really have set your sights on him, it wouldn't be you ravaging him, but it would be him defiling you!]

    And the Hell's Lord who heard Feng Jiu's words was rendered speechless instead.

    [Male and male tendencies? Who said he had such tendencies? Why was this woman's mind always filled with such nonsense?]

    See the expression of shock and wariness on her face, his heart that had rocked and wavered a little then gradually calmed down, his face warming up a little as he looked at the woman with an expression that so deserved to be bashed up and his voice turned cold as he said through slightly gritted teeth.

    "You've thought too much into it. I do not have any such undesirable habits."

    Against those words, would Feng Jiu believe them? Of course she wouldn't!

    Hence, she just smiled sheepishly as she nudged her way towards outside and said: "Actually, I would also think that you wouldn't have any such undesirable habits. Shadow One has said it too. You're definitely a man who is good to look at and of great use. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gotten you two beauties right after you've just returned would he?"

    Hearing that, Shadow One outside almost had tears flowing down his face. [I say, you little ancestor, can you not drag my name into everything you are saying?]

    The Hell's Lord remained in his seat and did not move, his finger intermittently knocking lightly upon the table as he looked at the woman nudging herself with tiny steps till she reached outside the door, and then immediately pulling up her legs to run far out.

    "It's getting late and I shall not disturb the Hell's Lord's rest anymore."

    By the time those words came out, there was already no sign of the person.

    "Shadow One."

    Hearing his Lord call for him inside, Shadow One steeled himself and walked in. "My..... My Lord."

    "You told him that I wanted you to bring two ladies here to wait on me in sleep?" The Hell's Lord asked, as his smiling yet not exactly smiling eyes fell upon Shadow One, causing Shadow One to not even dare to raise his head.

    "Your subordinate..... Your subordinate bumped into the Ghost Doctor at the pavilion and he asked about it. Your subordinate then..... then....." Cold sweat beaded to the size of beans upon Shadow One's forehead, and he was suddenly unable to speak accurately.

    "Might you be wanting to go stay in the Clear Wind Tower for a few days as well?"

    Hearing that, Shadow One immediately paled and he fell to his knees with a crash. "My Lord appease your anger. Your subordinate..... Your subordinate will definitely not do it another time!"

    "Dismiss yourself! If this happens again, you will not be forgiven!" The Hell's Lord waved his hand in dismissal, indicating for Shadow One to make himself scarce.

    "Yes, my Lord." Shadow One heaved a sigh of relief inwardly, scrambling to get up as he rushed outside.

    After Shadow One had retreated, thinking of the way that woman had distanced herself away from him like he was a poisonous scorpion, his brows creased up involuntarily. He rubbed at his chin and thought to himself: [Could my countenance be not good looking enough in her eyes?]

    [That shouldn't be the case. He was still very confident of his own looks. But, if that was true, why did that woman not buy it?]

    [Could it be that he needed to learn from those ladies earlier, to use his looks to lure and charm her?]
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