208 Out in Escape

    Hearing those words, the Hell's Lord's face immediately turned dark, a highly dangerous aura emanating from his entire being chillingly. His piercing gaze narrowed to shoot right into Old Lin: "Run away?"

    Feeling the air suddenly turned frosty, the bodies of Old Lin and Grey Wolf who was standing right behind the Hell's Lord immediately froze stiff.

    "Yes..... Yes..... Your subordinate just went to the Medical Tower and saw that the Thousand Year Ginseng was not there, so I went to find Ghostly, but found him gone as well. I then asked the guards who said they last saw him wandering about when it was evening. And then without anyone noticing, he..... he....."

    The Hell's Lord eyes were narrowed when he looked up into the dark night sky, his eyes then flashed a dark glint as his deep voice boomed through tightly stiffened lips: "Grey Wolf! Bring men out to search right this instant!"

    "Yes, My Lord!" Grey Wolf acknowledged his orders, and was about to stride outside when the Hell's Lord's voice sounded once again.

    "If you find him, do not use force, so as he does not come to any harm."

    Hearing those words, the corners of Grey Wolf's mouth twisted up and he lowered his head in a hurry to answer: "Yes, my Lord!" Before he quickly took his leave.

    The Hell's Lord then strode on to walk, not back to the main courtyard, but to the little courtyard that Feng Jiu stayed in. When Old Lin following behind saw that, he opened his mouth a moment, but then decided to retreat without a word.

    Pushing the doors open and looking at the highly empty room, the Hell's Lord's eyes turned gloomy. The air was seemingly still filled with the scent of herbs that had not dissipated. His strides took him one round inside the room and when he came to the edge of the bedchambers in the inner room, he spotted a corner of a parchment paper sticking out from under the pillow. He immediately stepped inside to retrieve it.

    As his gaze fell upon the parchment, the corners of his mouth curled up involuntarily, his handsome and stalwart countenance then showed a rare moment of gentleness.

    "A lecherous woman who has no guts to act on her desires."

    Upon the paper, was a drawing of two people. She was dressed up in men's clothes, her index finger gently lifting up his chin who was depicted not wearing any clothes, her other hand resting upon his chest, but his gaze was looking outwards upon the parchment, looking highly provocative.

    His gaze then fell upon several words that had arrows pointing to them from above the heads of the two small figures she had drawn, where he could not help but read out in a whisper: "Hell's Lord the "passive" one? Ghost Doctor the "assertive" one?"

    "This woman, is just itching to be smacked."

    He admonished with a laugh, his voice low and deep as his heart yearned to see her, an emotion known as longing, rising up uncontrollably deep inside, his mind inexorably dragged down into upheaval.....

    However, another emotion then rose up in his heart. He suddenly felt that with her running away now, the people he sent out would not be able to catch up with her. Afterall, that woman was sly as a fox while also eccentric and crafty. Having letting her manage to escape, the pursuit would definitely not be all that easy.

    And it was only at that moment that he remembered besides knowing that she was known as the Ghost Doctor, he didn't even know what her name was. If Grey Wolf and his men were not able to bring her back, then finding her again in future would be tough.....

    As what the Hell's Lord had thought, when dawn broke, Grey Wolf returned leading his men, steeling himself as he reported: "My Lord, your subordinate searched the entire night but was unable to locate the Ghost Doctor. I'm afraid he..... has escaped."

    The Hell's Lord gaze deepened slightly. The answer was what he had expected.

    "Have everyone in the Hell's Palace pay attention to the ongoings out there. If they hear any news about the Ghost Doctor, come back and report immediately."

    "Yes, my Lord!" Grey Wolf answered respectfully, and went on to relay the Lord's orders.

    The Hell's Lord stood within the yard with his hands behind his back, staring faraway into the sky, his voice a low whisper as he said: "We will definitely meet once again."

    Meanwhile, Feng Jiu who had caused men from the Hell's Palace to search for her the entire night, was at that moment climbing up a hill slope covered in dirt and mud, her eyes looking at the forest before her as she walked, to laugh loudly excitedly and say: "Hahaha! I've finally crawled myself out from there!"


    Her laughter ended abruptly as she suddenly missed her footing, her entire person falling to roll down.
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