210 A Newbie

    Feng Jiu laughed sheepishly and said: "Will the two big brothers please tell me about it?"

    "The experience jade badge is personally imbued with divine cognition by Immortal Reverend Chi Mu, the Headmaster of the Starry Cloud Academy. We only need to drip our blood into the jade badge and any demonic beasts or devilry cultivators and felons we kill in here will all be recorded in our experience jade badge on its own. After a thousand experience points is filled up, it will then be the end of our rigorous training or we will have to remain in here, unable to get out."

    Speaking about that, the plumb young man paused a moment and then said: "But killing a first and second level demonic only yields ten experience points while a level three and level four would give thirty experience points. But the battle powers of demonic beasts at levels three and four are already almost equivalent to the powers of a level six or level seven human martial master. Based on that, how many would you say we'll have to kill before we can accumulate one thousand experience points?"

    Feng Jiu listened intently, looking a moment startled, and another moment surprised before she then asked: "Then aren't there any demonic beasts with higher experience points?"

    "Ho, look here! We have a live newbie here!" The plump young man exclaimed as he nudged his companions with his elbow, and the faces of the two of them split into wide grins.

    [Newbie?] Feng Jiu arched up an eyebrow, thinking to herself: [She was indeed a newbie having just set foot here. All these things about the Green Gallop Country's sects and academies. It seems that she would have to find out more about them when she gets back.]

    "Let me tell you this brother, you'd better pray that you do not meet demonic beasts level five and above or devilry cultivators of the Grand Spirit Master level, or else all that you find will only be death and there will be no need to even talk about experience points. And there's more. Experience points cannot be taken away by force. The things that can be snatched away are the valuables on demonic beasts after they have been killed."

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu then asked: "The demonic beasts above level five and devilry cultivators of the Grand Spirit Masters grade would give you how many experience points?"

    "A hundred experience points. But let me tell you now, the moment you meet them, you better hurry and run! Don't meet them head on. Look at us, even two Spirit Masters at the peak level have been forced into such dire straits and you know that this place is no mere child's play." The plump young man said, as he pulled out a white jade badge to give to Feng Jiu.

    "You can have this! This is a piece that I begged our Reverend Master for so long before I was able to keep it with me in case I lose mine."

    Receiving the white jade badge, Feng Jiu revealed a smile and said: "Thanks! I haven't asked how should I address my two big brothers here?"

    "Ha ha, we've been chatting so long and we haven't introduced ourselves. I'm Cai Yong, nicknamed Fatty. You can just call me Fatty." Fatty said with a smile that made his eyes squint up.

    "My surname is Chen, named Xue Hai, fellow disciples with Fatty in the same sect." The slightly thinner young man then said.

    "As for me, heh heh." Her eyes narrowed as she smiled, her gaze fixed upon the two young men where she then said: "I'm called Feng Jiu, and you can just call me Little Nine."

    "Ha ha, I wouldn't have thought that you guys would be idling around here like this! All of you are just chatting so leisurely are we?"

    A sinister voice reached their ears, frightening Fatty and Chen Xue Hai to jump up in the air. "Damn you Lee! It's you again!" Besides rage upon the faces of those two, there was also a tinge of wariness.

    Feng Jiu turned around to look, and saw that there were four males and one female, all of them uniformly dressed in specially made white robes. The male leader among them seemed to be about twenty years old and his powers had reached the level of a Grand Spirit Master's second stage cultivator. As for the other three people behind him, their powers were also at the Spirit Master's peak level.

    The disparity between their powers and Fatty's and Chen Xue Hai's was clear to see. Little wonder the two of them would be so flustered upon seeing this group of people.

    The leader's long and slanted eyes were narrowed with viciousness as he peered at the three of them. His gaze passed fleetingly over the red clothed Feng Jiu, and seeing that he looked dirty and messy, with that black and green salve smeared over his face, he was rather puzzled which sect this youth could be from. But as he did not seemed to be all that powerful, he decided to not pay the youth any mind.
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