215 Protector Xiang Hua

    Looking at that scene, a corner of Fatty's mouth tugged in a twitch and he asked: "You couldn't possibly have only been scaring them or could you?"

    Maybe deep in his heart, he still didn't really believe that the cultivation of this youth could really be stronger than that Lee guy as afterall, that guy was a Grand Spirit Master grade cultivator. Even if he could not see through the kid's cultivation, but stretching it to the limit and the kid could only be a Spirit Master at the peak levels that was a little higher than him!

    Moreover, if he was really that powerful, then he wouldn't be frightened so badly to have the strength drain out from his legs to fall on his behind to the ground right?


    Feng Jiu made a shushing gesture and turned her head to look all around her before she picked up the two Spirit Crystals to take a look. "This is a truly great treasure. Not every demon beast has it in their bodies." She toyed with the two Beast Crystals and then kept them into the space. She then turned to look at the pile of things on the ground and with a big sweep of her hand, she swept them all into the space as well.

    Watching it all, Fatty looked at the kid a little strangely, thinking that he really could not understand him.

    Say that his powers were weak? But he took down Chen Xue Hai in a split second. Say that his powers were strong then! But why was there no trace of the kind of arrogance and complacency powerful entities had? He was instead acting rather strange and eccentric.

    "You can have everything on his body." Feng Jiu gestured, looking at Chen Xue Hai's body.

    "Thank you." Fatty cupped a hand over his fist in thanks and then plucked the bag from the body hip to keep it away. Looking at the dead person lying there, his heart was feeling rather conflicted.

    Never had he expected that as a brother in arms, he would come to such an end.

    "Let's go, let's go." Feng Jiu said as she patted Fatty on the shoulder.

    Fatty answered with a grunt and in the end, he gathered a ball of fire in his palm and incinerated the body to ashes so that demon beasts would not be able to tear it to shreds.

    Feng Jiu in front turned back to take a look, the corners of her mouth curled up slightly and her eyes flashed with a glint. [This Fatty is rather righteous and honourable.]

    The two people walked on along and under Feng Jiu's lead, Fatty was surprised to discover that they did not come across a single barrier array which made him unable to help himself but feel more and more curious about Feng Jiu's identity.

    "Little Jiu, are you really a student from a branch of the Starry Cloud?"

    "Do I not look like it?" Feng Jiu glanced at him, to ask with a smile.

    Fatty shook his head. "Nope. Your powers should be above mine, and not inferior to a Grand Spirit Master!" His voice then paused a moment before he continued to say: "Although I have never been to Starry Cloud, but I do know that with such a level of powers, one would definitely have been one of their top students at Starry Cloud."

    "Heh heh!" Her mouth split into a grin, but she did not say anything.

    Seeing that, Fatty knew the answer deep down inside, knowing that the kid did not want to talk about it, and he did not probe any further.

    Until, a powerful aura suddenly surged towards them from the front and the two of them quickly retreated back before stopping in their tracks.

    "Whoa! What a powerful ripple of spirit power!" Seeing the ripples of spirit power and sword's Qi in the air, Fatty cried out and then gave it a deep thought before he went on to say: "The disciples and students that came in here to undergo the rigorous training could not possibly possess such a level of power. I am guessing it should be a felon or a devilry cultivator."

    Feng Jiu stared at the aura in the air, her eyes slightly narrowed as she said: "You wait here for me. I'll go in front and have a look." Upon saying that, the red clothed figure leapt himself forward, so quickly that Fatty did not even have time to stop him.

    "Hahaha! Those people from the sects and Starry Cloud must all be blind! They had actually mistaken the Supreme Heaven Palace's most highly renowned Left Protector, Xiang Hua, as a felon whose powers was only at the Spirit Master level and sent him in here."

    About seven or eight devilry cultivators were crowded around a middle aged man with a highly dishevelled beard and were guffawing evilly. "But they're right as well. The Xiang Hua of today, is already no different from a cripple, or otherwise, we would not possibly have been able to meet you here! Hahahaha!"

    Within the shadows, upon hearing the devilry cultivator's words, a glint shone in Feng Jiu's eyes.

    [Supreme Heaven Palace? Left Protector?]
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