215 Three Silver Needles

    Her gaze then turned to fall upon the figure of the middle aged man. Seeing that his clothes were torn and tattered, his hair in a tangled mess, and his beard so dirty and matted that it was no different from a vagrant, she then probed his powers, to discover that his cultivation was indeed only at the Spirit Master level.

    But having heard the words of the devilry cultivators, it seemed that his powers were originally not just that?

    Supreme Heaven Palace? Really hadn't expected that one would be able to encounter someone from the Supreme Heaven Palace in a place like this.

    Among the seven or eight devilry cultivators, three of them were already at the second level of the Grand Spirit Master. Feng Jiu was rather curious whether that Xiang Hua would be able to survive this.

    And just at that moment, the leader of the devilry cultivators shouted sharply and the other people immediately leapt to strike at Xiang Hua in the middle, the sharp sword points in their hands shooting out robust spirit power aura, filling the surrounding air. The Qi of the Sword streaked past in swooshes, leaving slash marks cut deep into the ground.

    Feng Jiu straddled a tree at the back to watch, discovering that Xiang Hua's skill was firm and solid. Although his cultivation was only that of a Spirit Master, but he was the least bit incompetent dealing with those devilry cultivators.

    His strikes were vicious and highly precise, seeming to be able to take the life of a devilry cultivator of the same level as him within three strokes. It was only at the end when he was attacked by the three second level Grand Spirit Masters devilry cultivators at the same time that he gradually lost the advantage.


    His arm was slashed open by the opponent's sword and blood flowed out to soak up his sleeve. He did not have a sword in hand and he was unable to fend off a Grand Spirit Spirit Master devilry cultivator's attacks but to be pushed back step by step till he managed to pick up a sword from the ground before he could just manage to hold them back.

    But, the fact was the level of his powers was clear to see, and it was one against three. A drawn out battle would only mean certain defeat.

    Seeing Xiang Hua take a stab on his left one moment and a slash on his right the next, Feng Jiu's eyes flashed as she fell deep in thought. Because she was not familiar with people from the Supreme Heaven Palace, she did not know what kind of people they were. Were they truly contemptible villains who would commit every conceivable evil?

    However, her mind then recalled the words her Master had told her before and she sighed lightly to herself in her heart. Upon seeing the three devilry cultivators striking straight at Xiang Hua in the middle, Feng Jiu's fingers flickered and three silver needles imbued with internal strength shot out from between her fingers with a swish.


    The three men grunted and their bodies immediately stiffened, unable to slash down the swords they held lifted high. They could feel a numb and sore feeling spreading through their bodies, making them unable to exert any strength, where the swords they held in their hands then fell to the ground the next moment.

    And seeing that scene before him, Xiang Hua's eyes narrowed, his eyes flashing a dark glint as the sword clasped in his hand swept in a blurry arc across the three men's throats. Red blood sprayed, their lives taken with one single cut!

    After killing the devil cultivators, Xiang Hua turned to look at the red clothed figure straddling the tree and raised up his hands to cup a hand over his fist as he bowed: "Thanks!" The moment his voice fell, he turned himself around and walked away.

    Feng Jiu's eyebrow lifted upon seeing that. "Hold it."

    Xiang Hua's brows creased up, his gaze sharp as he looked in the direction of Feng Jiu, silently questioning.

    "You are the Left Protector of the Supreme Heaven Palace?"

    "That's right!"

    "You are a felon?"

    Hearing that, he said with a sneering laugh: "Felon? And how many among the orthodox sects have not killed people? Some of them are guilty of even bigger felonies than any of us!"

    Feng Jiu nodded in agreement and asked: "How did you come in here?" She was just rather curious.

    Xiang Hua's fists clenched up tightly. "What's that got to do with you! ?"

    "At the very least, I saved your life." Feng Jiu said lazily with her arms crossed over her chest.

    Xiang Hua was silent for a while before he replied: "For just one Foundation Building Elixir, and I was betrayed."

    "Heh heh, I wouldn't have thought that you're worth quite a bit looking at you!"

    The Foundation Building Elixir, was in fact a miracle elixir that was hard to acquire with a mountain of gold. For a Grand Spirit Master to advance into a Foundation Cultivator, a Foundation Building Elixir was necessary.
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