218 Killer Strike

    The snake's head lifted to hiss in pain due to the dagger plunged into its body and it twitched several times before it lay unmoving upon the ground, the snake's blood spilling out to spread into a pool on the ground.


    Feng Jiu blew out a breath in relief, feeling the strength in her draining out as she fell down, to sit upon the snake's body.

    The enormous python was a seventh grade demon beast and its skin was tough and hard. As she sought to kill it with that one single strike, the strike with her dagger had needed her to expend almost every single bit of her mystical powers in order to pierce through the snake's skin and reach its critical seven inch vital point.

    Through this battle, it made her clearly aware of the terrifying power of a Golden Core cultivator. That she had been able to kill this seventh grade enormous serpent was in the end only due to luck and by pure fluke. If this had been a battle with a Golden Core pugilist, she would have problems even surviving through it.

    "It's..... It's dead?"

    Fatty had been sprayed by the gush of blood from the snake and he had fallen to the ground. He was staring at the dead enormous python and he could not help but pat his chest in fright to say: "Oh, my grandmother's! I had never thought I could be so brave! It's a seventh grade demon beast! And I actually ran back here!"

    And at that moment, Feng Jiu who after resting for a while had already dug out a Beast Crystal from the enormous python's belly. She held the Beast Crystal up to look at it and saw that it was a Beast Crystal with wind attributes before she kept it away.

    Different demon beasts possess different beast qualities and their Beast Crystals could provide cultivators of immortality with different attributes while raising their powers and hence, they were highly precious.

    "Little Jiu, do you know how many experience points this seventh grade demon beast gives you?" Fatty said with a loud gulp as he stared at the six meter long enormous python.

    "How many?" Feng Jiu asked.

    "One thousand! One whole thousand! This is a seventh grade demon beast that is equivalent to a Golden Core cultivator, and it is said that there is only this lone enormous python in here. My Master had even reminded us specifically, that if we meet it, we are to immediately run away. I would never have thought that it would be killed by you." While saying that, Fatty's eyes were shining with admiration as he looked at Feng Jiu.

    Feng Jiu shook hero her head and replied: "It was just a fluke. I was very nearly crushed to death by it!"

    "Let's bring this enormous python out! This is the flesh of a seventh grade demon beast and it's highly nourishing for cultivators. Moreover, the python skin would fetch a good price when we sell it as it is said that it can be used in the forging of artifacts."


    Feng Jiu nodded her head slightly. The enormous python had kicked up such a big commotion earlier and it is thought that all the cultivators nearby must have been aware of its presence. The best thing to do now would be to hide the enormous python away and quickly leave the place, or if they were to attract those people's attention and they became greedy, she would then have to engage in another vicious battle.

    Hence, after Feng Jiu kept the enormous python away in the space, she looked down at her blood stained red clothes and her brows furrowed up.

    "I know of a water source nearby here. Come, I'll bring you to where you can take a bath!"

    With a scoop of his big hand, he went on to place his hand around Feng Jiu's shoulder in a great show of brotherly camaraderie, but when he saw the gaze from Feng Jiu that was staring straight at his hand, Fatty then sheepishly retracted it back.

    "Then, I'll lead the way in front. Heh heh." He said with a sheepish smile, walking up to go in front to take the lead.

    And when Feng Jiu saw the pant leg torn by the enormous python that exposed the fair and fatty flesh underneath, she immediately averted her eyes and a corner of her mouth twitched while she thought to herself: [Absolutely no sense of any aesthetics to speak of.]

    In her mind, she suddenly thought about the Hell's Lord's tight and expansively broad shoulders, coupled with his hot and sexy sculpted body. Just thinking about it already made her ears start to burn as she cursed inwardly: [Why am I even thinking about him?]

    And at that time, she did not know that ever since she had secretly slipped away, the Hell's Lord had been acting like he was afflicted with lovesickness, his mind frequently highly distracted, at times when hearing out his subordinates' reports, his mind would wander off and suddenly break out strangely in smiles, which just worried Shadow One and Grey Wolf endlessly.....
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