223 What a Fat Horse!

    However, the other two elderly men were not prepared to be too courteous about it as well and they similarly left words behind to make the same commitments.

    Feng Jiu smiled to see that and she clasped her hand over her fist to say respectfully: "I am grateful for the generous affection of my seniors here and your junior has also committed all your words to memory. But as I still have pending business at hand, I cannot afford to stay long. My three seniors, Vice Headmaster Guan, your junior shall hereby take my leave."

    "Sure sure sure, you just go on your way!" Old Guan waved his hand with his eyes narrowed with smiles, his heart fearing that if the kid remains here any longer, who knew what kind of tricks the other three old ones would come up with to fight for the kid, so he was only too eager to let him leave.

    Seeing that, Feng Jiu was not about to tarry and immediately wiped oil under her feet to slip away.

    Till that red figure disappeared from their line of sight, one of them suddenly slapped himself on the thigh and exclaimed: "Ah! See here! We forgot all about the real issue! We haven't even asked him clearly how he went into the rigorous training forest and we've let him go!"

    Hearing that, the others then suddenly remembered it. But they had all been astounded by the red clothed kid's level advancement and had forgotten all about it. Now that the person was gone, there was no point continuing to harp upon it.

    Only Old Guan from the academy was stroking at his beard thoughtfully as he stared off in the direction Feng Jiu had left, thinking to himself: [Why do I feel we've been played by that youth? Will he really come join his Starry Cloud Academy?]

    On another side, Feng Jiu who had already reached the mountain path blew out a slight breath and with a big smile she said: "Luckily I managed to escape quickly, or I really don't know how I'm going to get myself out of that!"

    She stared down the mountain path, the path seemingly stretching out endlessly. Seeing that, she could not help but mumble to herself: "In cultivation of Immortality, only after reaching the Foundation stage would one be able to command and control a sword, and with mystical powers only a Martial Ancestor could travel by flying sword. Though I possess both mystical and spirit powers, but I am not even able to command a sword to fly at this moment. If only I can get myself a flying magical artifact, then I will not have to walk everywhere."

    Hence, she could do nothing but walk on forward, intermittently executing Cloud Tracing Steps to leap through the air as she moved.....

    Until, she saw a strange scene before her on the mountain path ahead.

    There was a white horse as fat as a pig slowly walking backwards, and upon the horse's back was a green clothed man who occasionally clasped his legs around the belly of the horse, trying very hard to negotiate with the horse as he held the reins in his hands.

    "Old White, walk forward will you! When we reach the city in front, I will prepare a great big meal for you alright?"


    The horse shook its head and snorted out two streams of hot air. And because of the shaking of its head, Feng Jiu who was walking up from behind saw that it was not an ordinary horse, as on the head of that horse, sprouted to seemingly budding horns.

    "Old White, let me tell you, if you continue to be so disobedient, I am going to beat you!"

    The young man threatened with an intimidating look on his face, as he pulled out a soft whip hanging from his hip, pulling himself up like he was going to lash the whip down. However, his whip had merely snapped sharply in the air and had not even touched his ride when the hind legs of the horse kicked, throwing the young man off its back completely.


    The young man panicked and wanted to clutch his legs around the horse's belly, but as the force of the throw was too strong, he fell straight towards the ground and went: "Ow!"

    "Old White! You dare to throw me off? You..... You wait and see! When we get to the city, I will have you sold off!" The young man said huffily as he climbed to his feet, feeling a stinging pain in his palm that had been scraped by the sand and stones.

    Watching that scene, Feng Jiu could not help herself but laugh out loud as she walked forward, and patted the horse on its rump to say: "What a fat horse! And it actually learnt to walked backwards? It's so strange."

    When the young man saw Feng Jiu, he was slightly taken aback and holding the reins in his hand tightly, he asked guardedly: "Who are you?"

    And at that moment, the horse turned its head around, its eyes lighting up as it stared at Feng Jiu. It then actually sidled itself up against Feng Jiu, sticking its tongue out and wanting to lick her face, which startled Feng Jiu to quickly jump back in retreat.

    "Whoa! I just stroked you once and you are thinking to take liberties with me! ?"
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