226 Exchanging Gifts

    Bai Xiao held covered his eyes and turned his head away, truly unable to continue to watch as he mumbled: "How embarrassing....."

    It was his own horse, but it was shaking its head and rump and trying so hard to win the red clothed youth's favour.

    It was his own horse but it refused to let him ride it and had even kicked out at him, to come chase this red clothed youth the entire way.

    He had already told the horse, that the red clothed youth was male, but it was still excitedly nudging itself towards him. From when had Old White's appetite changed to being open to both men and women?

    "Hahaha, this horse is rather fascinating. It seems to under human language."

    "That's right, although a little too fat, it's rather adorable."

    "If that red clothed youth had not said it, I would have thought that the horse belonged to him! Look, that horse is leaning itself forward so excitedly, from the way it looks, it couldn't possibly be thinking wanting to kiss the lad could it? Hahaha!"

    When those joking words came out, everyone inside and outside erupted into guffaws, because that was truly a scene that was rare to see.

    At that moment, Bai Xiao came in from outside, and walked over to Feng Jiu's table and sat down as he said: "Old White is not a piece of goods, we can forget about selling it to you. But since Old White likes you so much, I can give it to you as a present instead."

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu lifted an eyebrow. "You're giving it to me?"

    "Mm." Bai Xiao nodded his head and then continued to say: "I have kept Old White for quite a number of years already, and on most days, this fella is either eating or sleeping. I brought it out this time because I did not know what else I could do. I can see that Old White really likes you alot, and so, I am giving it to you."

    "If that is the case, then thank you." Feng Jiu laughed brightly, and then turned two cups over upright, to pour wine into them before saying: "This cup is a toast to you."

    Bai Xiao picked up the cup and took one small sip before putting it down. "I am not used to taking alcohol."

    "Then have some food." Feng Jiu said with a smile and shouted out: "Waiter, bring another two dishes of food and a serving of soup."

    "Coming up!" The waiter answered, speedily attending to the order.

    "Can you tell me what is your name now?" Bai Xiao asked as he looked at Feng Jiu.

    Feng Jiu smiled and replied: "I am called Feng Jiu."

    "I am called Bai Xiao, which I have told you before." He said with a smile, and after pausing for a moment, he continued to say: "Old White is actually very easy to keep. You only need to prepare ten catties of small fishes or shrimps for its every meal and that will do."

    'Cough cough!'

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu immediately choked on her wine and starting thumping herself on the chest before she asked in shock: "What did you say? You do not just let it eat grass but feed it fish and prawns?"

    Bai Xiao nodded, his face serious as he said: "Mm. Old White is not any regular horse. It is a dragon horse and a variant Spirit Beast. So it is not a herbivore. It only eats meat."

    "Feeds on fish and prawns? It eats much better than humans ourselves! No wonder it is all covered in fat."

    She stole a glance at Old White at the window who was listening to them talk and she thought to herself whether she was courting trouble for herself.

    After the meal, Feng Jiu paid up and came outside before she said to Bai Xiao: "I still have business to attend to and I shall take my leave first. If we have the affinity to meet again in future, I will buy you another good meal."

    "Alright, watch yourself on your journey." Bai Xiao clasped his hand over his fist in farewell, and looked at Old White who did not even give him a glance before he shook his head as he said to Feng Jiu: "I'll have to depend on you to look after Old White well from now on."

    "Heh heh. Set your heart at ease. I will train it well." Feng Jiu said with a devilish smile brewing on the corners of her lips, to glance at Old White who was swishing its tail.

    After bidding farewell, Feng Jiu flipped herself onto the horse's back, riding it towards the outside of the city gates. However, they had just walked a short distance and Old White had already stirred up trouble for her.....
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