230 Night Market in the City

    In a residential courtyard somewhere, Grey Wolf came rushing in a hurry into the back courtyard. Seeing his Lord sitting there and sipping on tea, he went forward to bow in greeting.

    "My Lord, your subordinate gathered in my investigations that the Ghost Doctor in this Six Path City is eighty to ninety percent an imposter."

    The Hell's Lord glanced at him and said: "Why do you say that?"

    "The time he appeared does not match. The Ghost Doctor in this Six Path City already appeared in here seven days ago but at that time the Ghost Doctor was still in our tower, hence I say that this Ghost Doctor is an imposter."

    "Since it's an imposter, find a chance to go expose him." The Hell's Lord said in a low voice and paused a moment before he went on to ask: "The Black Market has no news of him as well?"

    Grey Wolf was taken aback a moment. Realizing that the person his Lord was talking about was the Ghost Doctor, he then replied: "There is still no news currently but just that the attendant at the Ghost Doctor's side had followed the people from the Black Market here upon hearing about news of the Ghost Doctor."

    [Still no news of her? Where could she have gone hiding into?]

    The Hell's Lord thought to himself in his heart, his fingers tapping gently upon the stone table, his lips stiffened and his brows slightly furrowed, which caused Shadow One and Grey Wolf to exchange a glance at the side, before both of them lowering their heads at the same time.

    The Lord had left the Hell's Palace's affairs unattended to and come rushing all the way here the moment he heard news of the Ghost Doctor. Caring so much about it, if the target had been a girl, they would have been very happy about it but alas! The Ghost Doctor's male! And it was one that was badly disfigured. How could they possibly begin to feel any happiness about this?

    Grey Wolf thought about it for a while, and then raised his head to look at the Hell's Lord before carefully suggesting: "My Lord, the night scenery in this Six Path City is considered to be one of a kind, why not, go out to take a stroll?"

    "Mm." The Hell's Lord answered briefly, and with a flick of his sleeves, he went walking outside.

    When Shadow One and Grey Wolf saw that, the quickly went to follow behind.

    As night descended, the shops, inns and restaurants on both sides of the wide street quickly lit their lamps, the endless lanterns lighting up the darkness of night, like specks of stars under the night sky, dazzling and mesmerizing.

    Upon the street with people coming and going, friends in groups of threes and fives walking together, couples in pairs and children running around in play, their faces shining with delighted smiles. Hawkers hawking their wares in loud voices, the shop assistants entertaining their customers, the myriad sounds blended all together, to form into a bustling and highly lively scene.

    And on one side of this busy and bustling street, at an unremarkable looking little stall, Feng Jiu who was dressed in a full white robe was eating a bowl of red and oily splash noodles, so spicy that quite a bit of perspiration had formed upon her forehead, her vermillion lips turned slightly red from the hot and spicy oil, looking highly alluring, causing several men who were similarly eating the splash noodles at the side and a couple of ladies at another table to stare, completely captivated.

    "Boss, I'll have another bowl!" She raised her voice to shout, finishing up the noodles and pushing the spicy soup left behind aside, and pouring a cup of water to gulp down.

    She had initially only wanted to just have a taste of what was said to be the local famous speciality, the oil splashed noodles, who knew that downing one bowl of it would have the spiciness from the oil bring out her appetite, making her order another serving of it.

    "Coming up! A piping hot bowl of oil splashed noodles. Young Master be careful it's hot." The middle aged man said loudly, bringing another bowl to her.

    Feng Jiu moved her chopsticks, and starting eating again. The people at the side looked on seeing that she was not afraid of the spiciness as she polished up one bowl after another and they could not help but helplessly swallow a gulp of their saliva before they went on to shout: "Boss! I'll have another bowl too!"

    "I'll also have another one!"

    Seeing that, the stall owner was absolutely beaming till his eyes could not be seen as he busied himself bring the orders to everyone where in the end, he delivered another small dish of food to Feng Jiu saying: "This is just a dish I made myself. I'm giving it to the Young Master to have a little taste."

    "Alright, thank you....."

    She raised her head up with a smile to express her thanks, but before she could finish her sentence, she spotted that familiar figure out of the corner of her eye, frightening her to block her face with her hand, half sprawling herself upon the table.
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