230 Seated at the Same Table

    She discreetly brought her hand up to cover half her face and was half sprawled upon the table as she peeked at that black robed man like a crane standing among chickens. That air around him and that oppressive aura, who else could it be but that secretly amorous guy? And he had Shadow One and Grey Wolf following right behind him!

    [But, why had they come to the Six Path City? They couldn't have come running here to capture her upon hearing news that the Ghost Doctor was here right?]

    [Tsk! That's really being too petty.]

    At that moment, she didn't even think about who was really being petty. Running away and even making off with people's thousand year old ginseng.

    "That's right! He seemed to have never seen what I really looked like!"

    She only recalled at that moment that messy scars had been all over her face and after that she had always applied the medicinal salve on it, so none of them had ever seen her face after her looks had been restored!

    Even if she stood right in front of them now, it was thought that they wouldn't be able to recognize her right?

    Thinking about that, her mouth split into a wide smile as she straightened her back with a slight cough, before she continued to eat her oil splashed noodles.

    "My Lord, this oil splashed noodle is a speciality of this Six Path City. Does my Lord want to have a taste of it?" Grey Wolf asked the Hell's Lord in front of him as he pointed at the little stall whose seats were filled with many people.

    The Hell's Lord was just about to shake his head when he spotted the white clothed youth seated there with his head lowered while eating oil splashed noodles. For some unknown reason, his feet were already striding over, and he sat himself down right across the white clothed youth.

    Feng Jiu was enjoying the little dish with her oil splashed noodles and thinking to finish up so she could quickly leave as afterall, the Hell's Lord was viciously sharp. It might still be fine if she did not meet him face to face as if they did, she really didn't know whether he would be able to recognize her.

    Hence, she did not even raise her head up at all but just buried her head down and ate. Who would have known, as she was halfway done with her meal, she noticed that someone had sat down right across her and just from the air that person exuded, she did not need to even ask before she knew that it was that darned Hell's Lord.

    [Could he have really recognized me? That's not possible right?]

    [Or could it be that he wants to eat oil splashed noodles as well? Tsk! The path truly runs narrow between enemies! Meeting him everywhere she went!]

    "Boss, a bowl of oil splashed noodles." Grey Wolf hollered, as he stood together with Shadow One behind the Lord guardedly.

    "Yes yes."

    The stall owner saw that the air around the three men was highly absorbing and he subconsciously felt rather fearful of them. He quickly brought over a steaming bowl of oil splashed noodles and then said: "For the Lord, be careful not to scald your mouth."

    The Hell's Lord creased up his brows and stared at the devilishly red bowl of oil splashed noodles oozing with oil and then looked up to see the youth slurping on his noodles. He paused a moment before he asked: "It's very good?"

    The deep voice was tinged with query as he looked at the youth who kept his head lowered all this time, never lifting it up once since he sat down. [Could it be the youth does not dare to look at him? Could it..... really be her?]

    When that thought came to her mind, his mood suddenly greatly improved. As his deep incisive gaze saw the youth's mouth that had been slightly scalded to become slightly swollen, a smile rose up within him helplessly.

    However, Grey Wolf who did not fully understand the situation thought that the Hell's Lord was asking him instead and he took a step forward with a grin split across his face to say: "My Lord, this oil splashed noodles is good only when it's spicy enough. You'll know what I mean after you have a taste of it. But be careful that it's hot, the spicy oil is very....."

    Before he had even finished his sentence, he saw the Lord's cold and icy gaze sweeping onto him, which confused him greatly. He paused for a moment before he asked very carefully: "My Lord, what..... what's wrong?"

    Standing behind the Hell's Lord, Shadow One threw Grey Wolf a glance and then rolled his eyes in utter speechlessness.

    [The Lord was clearly asking that white clothed youth, when had the Lord asked him anything? What is he trying to prove stepping up so eagerly to go give his answer? What a dolt! Can't even read the signs properly.]

    "Boss, the bill!"

    Feng Jiu shouted, purposely lowering the pitch of her voice and lifting her head up at the same time, revealing that handsome countenance.....
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