231 Twisted and Bent by Shadow One

    When the Hell's Lord saw the youth raise up her head, he had thought that his eyes would be met with that disfigured countenance and never had he expected that it would be a face of peerless beauty.

    The youth was clearly wearing all white but his entire being was somehow exuding a mesmerizing and alluring air about him, not unlike that of an enchanting vixen. Those slightly raised brows above that half narrowed gaze, and that snowy smooth skin tinged with pink over both cheeks, with slightly swollen lips moist and flushed red, all of these emitting a irresistible and enticing air.

    This was a youth with endless charm and he was already so alluring before he is fully grown. Given a few more years, his charm would surely make all men and women unable to resist his charm!

    Looking at the youth, his eyes were tinged with a faint glint of admiration, but his heart was filled with heavy disappointment.

    It was not her.

    Feng Jiu's gaze looked straight into the Hell's Lord's measuring gaze because she knew that if she was to retreat or dodge in the slightest at this moment, he would definitely detect it. Hence, she had very magnanimously met his gaze, and allowed him to gauged her as he wished.

    Unsurprisingly, she saw in those deep black pools flash with a glint, that brief instant of disappointment that imprinted into her eyes.

    She tossed out a coin to be given to the stall owner who was stepping over quickly and she said with smile: "Keep the change, and I'll pay for the Lord's share here as well." Upon saying that, she cast a smiling glance over to the Hell's Lord before she turned around to stride away.

    "Thanks Young Master, thanks Young Master." The stall owner thanked as he took the coin and gave the Hell's Lord another small dish of food to go with his noodles. "For the Lord, there's more if it's not enough. Have as much as you like." The stall owner said before he retreated away.

    At that moment, the Hell's Lord's deep eyes were half narrowed, his gaze fixed upon the figure in white, and it was not known what was going through his mind.

    Seeing the figure in white gradually going further away in the distance, his eyes suddenly shot a sharp glint as he stood up quickly. "Damn it!"

    [This woman! She dares to deceive him!]

    Seeing their Lord standing up and giving chase, Grey Wolf was stunned a moment before he asked: "The Lord he..... What is he doing?" [Why has he gone chasing after that youth?]

    "Hurry up and catch up! Why are you asking so many questions for! ?" Shadow One gave a low shout as he hurried after in chase.

    Meanwhile, after Feng Jiu blended herself into the crowd, she quickened her steps and in a flash, she disappeared from the line of sight of the Hell's Lord.....

    The Hell's Lord had come after her in chase, but discovered that there was already no sign of that figure and he immediately went forward to search.

    Grey Wolf and Shadow One were in pursuit behind when they saw that their Lord was actually chasing after that unfamiliar youth and abandoning them behind without a care, which caused Grey Wolf to grumble as he continued to pursue after the Lord.

    "Why has the Lord's preference suddenly become so strange? Although that youth had looked rather enchanting, but that is afterall still a guy! Could it really be that the Lord has been twisted to become bent by that Ghost Doctor kid? Is it that he can no longer help himself but want to abduct every pretty boy he sees now?"

    Hearing that, Shadow One glared at him and said: "You better stop your nonsense! You're gonna get it if the Lord hears that."

    "I am merely stating the truth..... My..... My Lord....."

    Grey Wolf's face turned white, as he looked sheepishly at the Lord who had suddenly appeared, and in that instant, the smile on his face was looking rather stiff.

    The Hells's Lord glanced at him and his deep voice was chilling as he asked: "Twisted to become bent?"

    "I..... I beg my Lord for forgiveness!"

    Grey Wolf immediately fell to one knee, cold sweat pouring out from him as he stuttered: "Act.....Actually your subordinate was saying..... that your subordinate was twisted..... twisted to become bent by Shadow One....."

    Hearing those words, Shadow One jumped in shock. His eyes glared fiercely and he lashed out with a kick: "What nonsense are you spouting! ?"

    The moment his voice fell, he quickly straightened his face and said to the Hell's Lord: "My Lord, do not listen to his nonsense. Your subordinate is completely normal! Really! Your subordinate only likes women!"
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