234 Black Bellied Hell’s Lord!

    He turned around, and looking at that red clothed figure running towards him with quick steps, his heart unconsciously soared but the expression on his face showed only puzzlement and indifference.

    "You are?"

    "It's me! Ghostly." She winked at him, her face filled with delight as she said: "Uncle, why are you here?"

    Hearing those words, Ling Mo Han revealed a timely look of stunned surprise and said: "You are the Ghost Doctor?"

    His voice then lowered a few notches as he looked around before asking: "Your face....."

    "Heh heh, all healed! How is it? Ain't it peerlessly beautiful and incomparably good looking?" She asked narcissistically with a laugh.

    Ling Mo Han's deep penetrating gaze then fell upon the snowy smooth skin and captured that peerlessly beautiful countenance within his eyes. A highly brief glint of a smile flashed in his eyes and he then said profoundly: "Mm, it's highly astounding."

    Feng Jiu then glanced around the surroundings and said: "There's someone looking for me. It's not very safe on the street. Let's find a place to sit down for a chat! I'll treat you to a meal, what do you say?"

    "Alright." He nodded in agreement, the corners of his mouth curling up unnoticeably.

    "Then let's go! There's a restaurant up in front." Feng Jiu said, leading him towards the restaurant.

    And after the two of them walked off, Grey Wolf and Shadow One who popped out from within the shadows were staring with their eyes bulging wide, their faces incredulous.

    Grey Wolf then started to say in a mumble: "The Lord said that he has a way of making the Ghost Doctor appear, I hadn't thought that it would really make the Ghost Doctor appear!"

    Shadow One then clicked his tongue before he said: "The Lord is being too black bellied, to think that he would come up with such an idea. With things like this, if he were to sell the Ghost Doctor, the Ghost Doctor might still help the Lord to count the money."

    When he thought back to that earnest, cold and indifferent expression on his Lord's face earlier, Shadow One's heart felt a moment of disdain as he thought: [The Lord must be over his head with delight. To think that he had even be able to put on such an astonished look.]

    "Should we follow to keep watch?" Grey Wolf asked as he nudged Shadow One with his elbow.

    "Follow them?" Shadow One threw Grey Wolf a glance. "Aren't you afraid of spoiling it for the Lord?"

    Hearing that, Grey Wolf then gave that thought a rest and asked: "Should we go back then?"

    "Mm, let's go! That Ghost Doctor's rather sharp! If we tail behind them, we'll surely be discovered. We'll just go back and await news from the Lord." Shadow One said, as he left with Grey Wolf.

    On the other side, Feng Jiu and Ling Mo Han came to the restaurant and they were seated in a private room. After ordering a few dishes, Feng Jiu went on to ask: "Uncle, don't you need to go back to the Starry Cloud Academy? What are you doing here in the Six Path City?"

    Ling Mo Han poured out some wine as he replied: "Although I am a teacher at the Starry Cloud Academy, I enjoy special privileges and do not need to remain at the academy all the time."

    He then filled up her cup and asked: "You said that there's someone looking for you, is it people from the Hell's Palace?"

    "It's them all right. That Hell's Lord is just like an aggrieved spirit you can't shake off. I managed to escape and he decides to come chase after me the entire way here, where I actually bumped straight into him. Luckily, I was able to give him the slip once again."

    Feng Jiu then continued to say in glee: "To want to find a person in this Six Path City, even if he is the Lord of the Hell's Palace, I would think it wouldn't be all that easy for him."

    [Aggrieved spirit you can't shake off?]

    Lowering his eyes, the corners of Ling Mo Han's mouth curled up. "It is said that the Hell's Lord is highly mysterious and many people have never ever seen his real face. You were captured for such a long time, did you have a chance to see it?"

    "I did see it, and though I shouldn't be saying this, his looks would make people salivate over. But he's too dangerous and must only be observed from a distance, not to be touched in proximity."

    She sighed heavily and shook her head upon saying it, her face highly regretful.

    And Ling Mo Han who heard those words felt a corner of his mouth twitch, and stole a glance at that lustful but cowardly woman, as he smiled highly meaningfully to himself.
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