239 Famed Cloud Lof

    "Famed Cloud Loft?"

    Feng Jiu arched up an eyebrow and stared at the innkeeper who was bathed in cold sweat. "What kind of a place is that?"

    Upon hearing the name of the place, the innkeeper had been stunned a moment before he then flew into a rage to kick the assistant a few times and say: "You deserve to die by a thousand cuts! Such thieving hands! You actually sold the patron's steed to the Famed Cloud Loft! ? What a scoundrel!"

    "Oww! Argh! Boss! Stop hitting me! Young Master have mercy! I will not dare to do it again....." The assistant cried in plea, every single ounce of delight he had felt when he received the money completely evaporating at that moment.

    Remembering that the red clothed Young Master was waiting for him to say something, the innkeeper was highly hesitant and filled with unease as he said: "The Famed..... Famed Cloud Loft is a place where the city's nobility and some cultivators relax and seek fun when they have nothing better to do. That place is not the same as other places in the city where they would purchase ferocious animals and spirit beasts to let their guests hunt and kill."

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu's eyes narrowed and she stepped her foot onto the assistant's wounded hand, where her chilly voice then rang out, sounding like winter's ice.

    "How did you steal my steed?"

    With Old White's personality that was lazy as a sick dog, where even Bai Xiao had not always been able to make it move, how did this assistant manage to bring it to the Famed Cloud Loft to have it sold?

    "I..... I put some drugs into the fish and prawns that it eats and then used a cart to carry it away."

    The assistant was already thinking to die at that moment as he had initially not thought that the patron would discover his steed had gone missing so quickly. Who would have known that the patron would come looking before he could even run away.

    Feng Jiu reached her hand out and tugged with a twist, pulling one of his arms out of its socket. A mournful wail suddenly sounded and right after that, the assistant fell into a dead faint.

    The innkeeper was shocked as he quickly asked: "Is..... is he de..... dead?"

    Feng Jiu glanced at the assistant and said: "I merely maimed one of his arms. He won't die from it."

    The moment her voice fell, she then went on to ask: "Where is the Famed Cloud Loft? Bring me there."

    The innkeeper gulped loudly and then said: "Young Master, things that sold into the Famed Cloud Loft are impossible to take back. Moreover, those people are not to be trifled with....."

    "They are not to be trifled with, and I am to be slighted so easily?"

    She shot the innkeeper a glance and said: "My steed has been lost by your people in your inn and I will settle the scores for this with you later. Now just hurry up and lead the way instead of dawdling here."

    In the end, the innkeeper had no choice but to lead the Young Master to the Famed Cloud Loft and said: "This is the place. Young Master, I..... I will not be going in."

    Feng Jiu waved her hand dismissively, indicating that he could go back as she went striding inside herself. Led by an attendant, she then came to the open air beast arena.

    The arena was formed by steel cages that held ferocious beasts in them, the surrounding steel cages reaching a height of three meters. There were a hundred steel cages and also a hundred ferocious beasts and spirit beasts.

    Loud cheering surrounded the place at that moment and the venue seemed to be brimming with excitement, where voices raised in bets and excited conversation reached her ears.

    "Do all of you think that Young Master Liu will be able to tame that spirit horse? Not to mention that if I had not seen it with my own eyes, I really wouldn't be able to tell that such a fat horse would possess such capability."

    "It is as you have said. I heard that they had only just brought it in at dawn and nobody had paid it much attention at first as that fat horse had just laid there so lazily all this while. It was only when those ferocious beasts had become anxious from being hunted and charged heedlessly straight at that fat horse. Everyone had thought that the fat horse was surely doomed but the beasts were instead sent flipping over. You guys came too late and did not see it but that was a scene that roused the entire crowd in here to stand up."

    "Heh, those aristocrats are all facing up to that fat horse and the Famed Cloud Loft must be secretly laughing to themselves. How much are they going to earn from this?"

    Hearing those words drifting into her ears, Feng Jiu turned to look towards the arena, and saw that the fat horse right in the middle of it, was definitely Old White.
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