240 Who Is Taming Who?

    At that moment, the Young Master wearing a brocade robe suddenly leapt straight at Old White and grabbed onto its neck thinking flip himself up to ride on it. But with a throw of Old White's back, the Young Master flew up and flipped in the air before landing back on the ground to backpedal a few steps.

    And at that moment, Old White seemed to be highly restless, its hooves kicking upon the ground as it neighed softly a few times before it suddenly charged straight towards the man wearing a brocade robe, to knock down the man who had just barely managed to regain his balance and pinned him under its great belly.

    Seeing the brocade robed man crushed till his face flushed a deep red, unable to escape as he struggled in vain, the crowd outside the arena roared with laughter, the raucous laughter reverberating throughout the venue, exceptionally loud.

    The brocade robed man was feeling rather humiliated from being laughed at and being pressed down by the immovable fat horse on top of his body, rage immediately filled up within him. He then pulled a dagger from out of the air and immediately stabbed it straight towards Old White.

    Seeing that scene, Feng Jiu's eyes flashed with a cold glint and with a flick of her fingers, a silver needle shot out, whizzing through the air.


    The brocade robed man cried out in pain, and with a gasp, the dagger dropped from his hand. When he saw the silver needle dangling from his wrist, he shouted out in rage.

    "Who is it! Who executed that sneak attack on me! ?"

    Everyone saw that his hand had been about to stab down but he had suddenly cried out and stopped, the dagger in his hand then falling to the ground, The crowd then immediately started murmuring.

    At that moment, Feng Jiu who was among the crowd tapped down the tip of her foot and summoned her Qi to leap gracefully into the arena.

    Everyone only saw an eye catching flash of a red figure, and red clothes soaring through the air where in the next moment, the figure landed gracefully on the ground. That fabulously handsome countenance and his entire being exuding with nobility, the devilish youth stood within the arena with his hands behind his back. His chin slightly lifted, his clear eyes looking down at everything, an entity that was the pure example of peerless and alluring reverence.

    "Who is that person? Why did he suddenly go in there?"

    "That youth looks just amazingly outstanding! Could he be a member of the nobility?"

    "Doesn't seem to be someone from our Six Path City. Never seen him before."

    Just as everyone was debating heatedly, because Feng Jiu had suddenly intruded into the arena, the Famed Cloud Loft's people were coming out to question her when they heard the voice of the red clothed youth sounding out in the arena.

    "Old White, come here."

    Feng Jiu called out, and she saw Old White who was sprawled right upon the brocade robed man shiver before it quickly turned its head around. The moment it saw Feng Jiu, it neighed loudly and immediately went running over in delight.

    Seeing that scene, everyone's expression turned strange in various ways, their gazes falling upon the red clothed youth, silently gauging.

    Looks like that fat horse belongs to that red clothed youth? But, if it was his, how did it come to be sold to the Famed Cloud Loft? Everyone's eyes then turned upon the people of the Famed Cloud Loft, thinking to see how they would deal with such a situation.

    Feng Jiu then patted Old White's head in the arena and said: "There's no need to kick anymore. I came to bring you back."

    "This Spirit Beast belongs to the Famed Cloud Loft and we cannot allow the Young Master to bring it away." A middle aged man said as he stared at the red clothed Feng Jiu while walking towards her with his hands behind his back.

    "That's right! This Young Master here has not tamed it yet, how can it be allowed to leave?"

    The brocade robed man came walking over as well, eyeing Feng Jiu hawkishly as he said: "You were the one who sneakily ambushed me with a silver needle right? How dare you! ?"

    Feng Jiu glanced at that man and said jeeringly: "Are you sure it was not my dear Old White taming you instead just now?"

    Hearing those words, the surrounding crowd broke out with suppressed and muffled laughter. The face of the brocade robed man then flushed a deep red and he charged right towards Feng Jiu with a shout: "What audacity!"

    A fist imbued with a surge of Qi was thrown. But before that fist had even touched Feng Jiu, his entire person was sent flying out with a kick from her.
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