242 Murderous Intent Ignited


    The brocade robed man fell sprawled upon the floor with a grunt, the excruciating pain in his abdomen from being kicked causing his forehead to be covered in cold sweat. He wanted to stand up, but he found he could not summon up any strength at that moment.

    The crowd that witnessed the entire scene fell quiet in that instant, seemingly silenced by incredulity. Afterall, that man was a member of the Liu Family and his cultivated powers was considered to be outstanding among his peers. But at that moment, he was sprawled helplessly upon the floor with just one kick from the red clothed youth, so how could they possibly not be stunned in shock?

    In the instant that the middle aged man at the side saw the red clothed youth execute that kick, his gaze had changed, where a glint of surprise had flashed very briefly. With a sideway glance, he then reassessed the red clothed youth once again.

    Maybe having detected his measuring gaze, the red clothed youth's clear eyes then looked towards him with a dark glint. In that instant, he seemed to be looking through an illusion, where it was not a youth standing right before him, but a supreme ruler!

    The kind of absorbing oppression and chilling aura that shot out from his gaze, caused his heart to can't help but quake. If it was said he had originally felt that the youth was possibly a member of nobility, then at that moment, he was certain that the youth possessed an extraordinary background!

    And it was due to that thought rising inside his head that the expression on his face warmed up as he said: "Why not we have the Young Master discuss this behind?" At the same time, his hands made an inviting gesture.

    However at that moment, the brocade robed man stood up with a highly darkened face and said: "Go? Where do you think you're going? You really think the Liu Family is to be taken so lightly? You want to leave after kicking me? No way!"

    The moment his voice fell, the spirit energy on his body surged and a blade of wind formed in his palm. His body then shot towards Feng Jiu in the next instant, the blade of wind in his hand slashing straight towards her at the same time.

    Feng Jiu who had originally intended to follow the middle aged man to walk out through an exit at the side sensed the harsh blade of Qi behind her and at the same moment she turned around, she saw the blade of Qi slashing straight at her. Hearing only the swoosh as it passed, her sleeves, just behind the hands that she imbued with Qi to block the attack, were sliced into shreds, to reveal two wrists fair as snow lotus roots.

    That snow white skin, looked so soft they might break from a single blow of the breath, causing quite a number of men to breath a tad more heavily. One by one they stared at that red clothed youth's handsome countenance, thinking secretly to themselves: [The youth has such outstanding looks. If that was a girl, that beauty would definitely be one that will bring down cities.]

    Feng Jiu only felt a tinge of a sting upon her face. She lifted her fingers to wipe her face lightly, and spots of blood spread onto her fingertips.....

    Seeing that, the edges of her lips slowly blossomed with a devilishly mesmerizing smile. That smile was like that of a poppy blooming under the spring's breeze, unimaginably beautiful, but tinged with a tad of bloodthirsty danger.....

    Her gaze narrowed, and a chilling murderous aura flared out from her body in an instant! However, the brocade robed man did not seem to have noticed as he had also been mesmerized by that devilishly enchanting smile that blossomed upon the lips of the person before him, his eyes even rising with infatuation, completely blinded to the rage burning before his eyes.

    But the middle aged man from the Famed Cloud Loft at the side was highly startled in his heart, especially when he detected the murderous aura flaring out from the body of the red clothed youth, he became even more terrified. Just as he was about to open his mouth, he saw the red clothed figure suddenly shoot towards the brocade robed man in a flash, the speed so fast that it was already too late to stop him even if he wanted to.....
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