242 Dare to Kill or Not?


    The brocade robed man choked in terror, his entire body stiffened up because his throat was tightly clutched in the red clothed youth's grip, and the force of that grip felt as if his neck would snap in two if the red clothed youth were to tighten his grip just another notch, driving terror into his heart.

    "Young Master must not!"

    The middle aged man cried out in fright. If the Liu Family's Young Master were to die here, not only would their Famed Cloud Loft get themselves into trouble, even that red clothed youth would find himself hard pressed to withstand the Liu Family's rage.

    "Whoa! What is he thinking of doing? He couldn't possibly be thinking of killing the Liu Family's Young Master could he?"

    "Impossible. He wouldn't have the guts. Kill him? He wouldn't be able to live as well."

    People in the crowd erupted into heated discussion, shocked by the actions of the red clothed youth. But they all felt that the youth would not dare to kill the Liu Family's Young Master as afterall, killing a member of the influential aristocratic families in the Six Path City would be openly pitting oneself against the entire aristocracy. Being just a lone outsider from out of town, it was thought that he would not dare to.

    Not just the people in the crowd thought that way. Even the Young Master from the Liu Family who had his throat held in a clutch assumed as much. After the initial shock and terror passed, he calmed down and his gaze stared tauntingly at Feng Jiu.

    "You want to kill me? Do you dare to? Go out there and ask around. Who in the Six Path City doesn't know about our Liu Family?"

    Only the middle aged man from the Famed Cloud Loft standing at the side knew that the red clothed youth's intent to kill had really been incited and he did not think that the red clothed youth did not dare to kill that Young Master Liu. Afterall, young youths are more prone to being rash and sometimes, they do not consider the consequences for their actions at all.

    Feng Jiu's gaze narrowed, the corners of her mouth curling up slightly into a hook as she said in a soft voice: "Liu Family? Very powerful?"

    The hand she had clutched upon his throat gradually tightened, and because the hand holding the throat was raised up, the Young Master from the Liu Family was gasping due to the increased difficulty in breathing, helplessly pushing himself up on the tip of his toes to alleviate the suffocation.

    As his face slowly turned purple, he was not even able to utter a single word. Staring at the red clothed youth before his eyes, he suddenly felt a trace of panic in his heart, tinged with a sense of fear.

    Seeing the brocade robed man's face gradually turning purple and his hands grasping tightly at her hand in a desperate attempt to struggle free, she then showed a dangerous smile that was almost terrifying to look at.

    "The last person who harmed my face is already dead, and the corpse must have already been completely chewed upon by wild beasts till there's nothing left. Tell me, how do you want to die?"

    Watching that scene, the middle aged man did not dare to open his mouth, because he knew that if he continued to say anything in dissuasion, he would only make the red clothed youth kill the Liu Family's Young Master more quickly. Seeing that the situation had taken such a bad turn, he was still considering whether he should get the higher management to come out to resolve the matter when he suddenly heard several loud shouts.

    "Release our family's Young Master!"

    Several of their guards had originally been standing guard outside and when they heard that their Young Master was in trouble, one of them had quickly run back to the manor to report it while three other men rushed in to investigate.

    They came in to see their Young Master being held by the neck by a red clothed youth and looking like he was about to be choked to death where they then immediately leapt over the fence that surrounded the arena to rush in.

    At that moment, Feng Jiu was not aware that in one of the Famed Cloud Loft's private VIP rooms, the Six Path City's City Lord was entertaining a red clothed and masked "Ghost Doctor" and that the ruckus in the arena had attracted the attention of the two people in the room, with the City Lord and the "Ghost Doctor" looking at Feng Jiu standing in the middle of the arena.

    The City Lord saw that the Ghost Doctor was seemingly showing great interest in the red clothed youth and he said with a laugh: "He looks to be a member of an aristocrat family but is too full of himself, being so arrogant at such a young age. If he kills the Liu Family's Young Master here, that youth can forget about getting out of the Six Path City alive."
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