243 Bring Him Within My Grasp

    "This youth has rather outstanding looks, his handsome features so rare to see."

    The man dressed in red clothes and wearing a mandragora mask said as he stared at Feng Jiu down below, his gaze tinged with hint of fervour.

    Hearing those words, the City Lord's eyes flashed and he said with a smile: "The respected Ghost Doctor might not know this. In the Six Path City, there is an area known as the Handsome Men District, and all the men there possess outstanding looks."

    "How could those men in the Handsome Men District possibly have the noble air and devilish charm of this youth? This youth here is such a rare treasure!"

    The "Ghost Doctor's" fervent eyes then fell upon Feng Jiu's snow white wrist, his gaze slowly slithering up from there, to brush over that beautifully sculpted neckline, before roving further up to absorb up that unmatchedly exquisite countenance that was tinged with a deliciously devilish air, his heart fluttering up more intensely the more he looked.

    When the Six Path City Lord heard those words, he immediately held his tongue.

    He did not seem to have heard that the Ghost Doctor had the broken sleeve habit. But based on his interaction with the Ghost Doctor so far, he discovered that the Ghost Doctor was not all that interested in beauties, but had instead paid close attention towards handsome looking men.

    If only it had just been the average person out there, it would have been easy. Afterall, what kind of a man would one not be able to find in the Handsome Men District? But having set his sights on that red clothed youth down there, the City Lord was however a little hesitant.

    Although if he sought to ask for more medicine from the Ghost Doctor, he would then have to fawn upon and ingratiate himself to the Ghost Doctor, but with him being the City Lord of the Six Path City, he could not possibly overstep the bounds of propriety too much, or it might cause too big an effect upon the whole situation.

    However, just as he was hesitating, he heard the Ghost Doctor's voice reach his ears.

    "City Lord Chang, if you are able to help bring this youth within my grasp, then I will definitely make it worth your while."

    Hearing those words, the City Lord was taken aback as he stared at the Ghost Doctor beside him. Those words were as good as a form of promise, and to him, it was a great opportunity.

    "Alright! I'll try to think of a way." He nodded in agreement and he then saw the "Ghost Doctor" staring in astonishment down below. Upon seeing that, he turned his head to look down as well.

    As the three guards who leapt into the arena charged forward, they waved their swords to attack the red clothed youth, thinking to force him to loosen his grip. Unexpectedly, the youth just turned and switched positions with the Liu Family's Young Master, to use him as a meat shield, where he sorely took a sword slash from one of his own guards.


    "Young..... Young Master!"

    In shocked astonishment, the guard's face went white, so terrified his entire body trembled uncontrollably. But right at that instant, Feng Jiu's flying kick struck him right on his head and he immediately fell into a dead faint.

    The other two men still went on to step forward, but they no longer dared to use theirs swords, afraid that they would harm their Young Master. With just a few strokes, they were sent flying with a strike by Feng Jiu, where they howled and wailed upon the ground, unable to get up.

    By that time, Young Master Liu's face was already devoid of colour, having taken a sword slash upon his back, the wound was gushing with blood which stained his robes red, the  excruciating pain causing cold sweat to run, but despite all that, he was still unable to break free from the hand that clutched at his throat.

    At this moment, Feng Jiu stared at the Liu Family's Young Master who at that point was filled with fear, to say in a lazy voice tinged with bloodthirstiness: "Strangling you to death just like that would be too easy for you. Why not we do it another way?"

    "You..... What are you thinking of doing? You must know that if I..... I die, you will not be able to live as well!" The Liu Family's Young Master said with a trembling voice.

    "What do you say we let you have a taste of suffering a fate worse than death?"

    Feng Jiu lightly mirthful voice came out that had a hint of chill in it. The moment the voice fell, she flipped her hands over to clasp them over his hands, and she then turned them completely around to his back where she twisted his hands with a sharp tug. Several sharp cracks of bones breaking could be heard at the places her hands had touched, accompanied by pitiful wails that rang out, gradually escalating higher in pitch with every crack.

    It was until she stopped and everyone's eyes looked at the Liu Family's Young Master on the floor that they all gasped loudly!
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