244 Instant Kill

    All that everyone saw was only Young Master Liu twisted up into a ball upon the ground. It was not known how his entire body was bent and folded, but his arms and legs were twisted up behind his back, and even his neck was turned round to the side, all the bones in his body seemingly crushed as he was bent into an impossible shrunken ball.

    Not only that, but his meridians were still twitching, the visible greens veins pulsating one by one. His lower jaw had been dislodged from its sockets, where he was unable to speak but to make unintelligible sounds as he drooled uncontrollably.

    Seeing the Liu Family's Young Master who had been so spirited and filled with vigor reduced to such a state, everyone was in shock.

    [Is this youth setting himself up to go against the Liu Family? He actually dares to crushed the bones in the body of Young Master Liu to such a state where he's better off dead. This..... if this was seen by people of the Liu Family, what kind of a rage would they fly into?

    When the middle aged man at the side saw that scene, he could not help but gulped, his heart filled with shock and horror.

    [The red clothed youth's strikes are just too terrifying!]

    Killing someone was merely having the person's head strike the ground. But the red clothed youth had crushed all the bones in the Liu Family's Young Master's body and it was not known what technique he employed to twist up Young Master Liu's body into such a state. Although Young Master Liu was still alive, the state he was in before everyone's eyes would seem he was better off dead.

    With the bones in his body all crushed, it was afraid that it would be impossible to recover from it. With recovery impossible, he would be as good as being a complete cripple. That, to a cultivator, how cruel a fact would it be for them to have become a helpless cripple?

    "Old White, let's go." Feng Jiu said as she patted the Dragon Horse waiting beside her, thinking to leave.

    However, how could it possibly be that easy for her to want to leave just like that at that moment?

    "Young Master, I'm afraid you can't just leave like this."

    The middle aged man started to say as he glanced at the twitching body of the Liu Family's Young Master. "The Liu Manor's people have not arrived and if the Young Master here leaves just like that, it would be hard for us to answer for it."

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu halted her steps and swept over gaze over to him and said with an eyebrow raised: "Are you saying that you are going to stop me?"

    The middle aged man had not yet even opened his mouth when a furious roar could be heard coming in from outside, that voice was imbued with a powerful oppressive aura, that sent a few quakes to rock through the entire venue.

    "Who dared to wound the members of our Liu Family!"

    A grey clothed elderly man appeared within the premises in a blink once that voice fell and when he saw Young Master Liu's body lying all twisted up upon the ground, he flew into a great rage and oppressive aura with a sinister tinge immediately shot out from his body.

    "Who! ? Who dares to cripple a member of our Liu Family! ?"

    With a roar, his sharp and malicious gaze swept over the arena, and fell upon the figure of that red clothed youth. The middle aged man, he recognized as the Famed Cloud Loft's manager, and it was naturally not possible for him to injure a member of their Liu Family which would then only leave that red clothed youth!

    The target locked, he pulled back his palm and a stream of Qi taking on the form of a claw suddenly shot towards Feng Jiu, aimed to clutch straight upon her throat, heavy with murderous intent which filled everyone with terror and fright.

    Feng Jiu had her back towards the grey robed elderly man and a sharp icy glint suddenly passed over her half lowered eyes. With a slight flick of her hand, a sharp dagger appeared in her palm and with a flash of that red figure, the sharp dagger thrust out, slashing in an arc right at the grey robed elderly man.


    A loud gasp sounded and the grey robed elderly man quickly retracted his hand to clutch at the deep gash that had opened on his wrist as the gaze he held fixed upon Feng Jiu grew dark.

    "Ignorant kid! You dare to go against our Liu Family! I think you must be tired of living!"

    The corners of Feng Jiu's mouth curled up in a smile, but the smile did not reach her eyes as she said: "I think an old thing like you is the one who is tired of living!"

    The moment the voice fell, the red figure shot forward without warning, the great speed causing the people outside the arena to stare wide eyed with shock.


    A sharp swoosh of wind passed and bright red blood splattered. A figure then fell flat to the ground. Till death, that pair of eyes were opened wide with terror, seemingly having died while highly aggrieved.....
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