249 Blooming Blood Blossom!

    Once those words came out, everyone gasped loudly a long cold breath as they thought to themselves: [This youth, is just so unbelievably arrogant!]

    When Family Head Liu heard those words, his face darkened, seemingly highly angered as a sinister aura burst forth, imbuing the Willow Leaf in his hand with spirit power. The surge of Qi swirled along the sword and whistled out, the malicious wave of Qi like slivers of ice blades, causing the people standing a little closer to him to unconsciously retreat back a few steps.

    "I would really like to see, how a kid like you can have the right to be so arroga....."

    He had not even finished his words when he was completely stopped, like his throat had been caught in someone's grip, unable to utter out the rest of his words. His face turned so dark and malicious that it was terrifying to see, his rage filled gaze locked tightly upon that damned youth who had made a move while he was unprepared!

    Because the youth had struck so suddenly, and because his movements were so unexpectedly fast, by the time Family Head Liu was able to react, he was already seeing the chilling glint of dagger closing in to his throat. At that very moment, Family Head Liu's heart jumped, suddenly feeling a tingle of terror and shock that he should not be feeling.

    The hand holding the sword then instinctively raised up to block, and it had only barely been able to block that dagger slashing straight towards his throat, but did not have time to block the next thrust of the dagger that was flipped over which suddenly changed it direction straight towards his arm.


    The vicious strike was lightning quick and precise, a single thrust straight to the bone. Bright red blood flew in a splatter in that instant, accompanied by Family Head Liu's gasp in surprise, and the mournful cry of the surrounding Liu Family Clan members!


    "Family Head!"

    Seeing the blood spurting out from their Family Head's arm, it quickly stained his entire sleeve red. That arm hung at his side from the injury, trembling slightly. Blood dripped from his fingertips onto the ground, giving bloom to many blossoms of bright red plum.....

    "I've said it, against you, a dagger is more than enough!"

    Feng Jiu who had already retreated back a few steps had her eyes narrowed, the corners of her mouth curled up in a menacing arc, like she was in a rather good mood as she stared at Family Head Liu who had his arm hanging down at his side as blood continued to drip from it.

    Just as everyone was still startled by the youth's highly unorthodox movements and viciousness, they were then made to hear him say in a highly languid voice that was tinged with a tone of admiration, his unbelievably maddening words causing the corners of people's mouth to be helpless but twitch in teeth clenching anger.

    "Those blood blossoms blooming up upon the ground are so beautiful! So devilish and bloodthirsty looking! Family Head Liu, don't cha think?"

    She looked smilingly with her eyes narrowed at Family Head Liu whose face was so dark it almost dripped ink, seeing him glare back with his eyes fixed upon her, like she had done something absolutely unpardonable to him, which made Feng Jiu unable to help herself but curl up the edges of her lips, to smile in delight.

    "Have him killed for me!"

    Family Head Liu clenched his jaws hard, to order sinisterly.

    The three Elders at the side immediately acknowledged and just as they were about to make their move, they heard a deep and authouritative voice reach them.

    "Hold it!"

    Someone had suddenly voiced out to stop them. Everyone there was well taken aback, all of them turning to gaze towards where the voice had come from. With that glance, everyone immediately greeted respectfully.

    "City Lord."

    The surrounding crowd quickly opened up a path for him, surprised that the City Lord would actually be here, and many of the pairs of eyes quickly shifted upon the red clothed man standing beside the City Lord.

    Many of the people present were members and disciples of the nobility in the city with some others well informed cultivators. They had already heard that the Ghost Doctor had come to the Six Path City and he was received by the City Lord himself. Immediately upon seeing the masked red clothed man at this moment, they were all inadvertently guessing whether that man was the Ghost Doctor himself?

    Once that idea took root, everyone's gazes turned probing and gauging as they all fell upon the figure of the red clothed man.
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