255 Sneak Attack from the Back!

    Hearing those words, Shadow One cast a glance at the Lord. Seeing that the Lord did not say anything, it meant that the Lord agreed with Grey Wolf, hence, he did not say anything as well, but merely paid attention to the battle in front.

    Having been worried that the Ghost Doctor would be defeated by those three Foundation leveled old men, looking at it now, he discovered that the three bodies of the three old men had already been wounded in many places by the Ghost Doctor's dagger, looking more and more wretched as the battle wore on. In stark contrast, there wasn't a single nick on the Ghost Doctor at all.

    And it wasn't just him who noticed that. Even the entire crowd of people before the Famed Cloud Loft could see what was going on.

    "Whoa! Could it be the red clothed youth's powers is not just at the Grand Spirit Master level?"

    "Impossible! The aura on his body shows that he merely possess powers at the Grand Spirit Master level, but it's just that the bodily movements the kid makes is just too strange, and the martial arts he executes is highly unique. I have never seen such a queer form of attacks in martial arts and I am guessing that that could be martial arts from the higher levels of power."

    "Martial arts from the higher levels of power? How is that even possible? It is said that throughout our Six Path City, only the City Lord has ever gotten his hands upon a scroll with a superior grade martial arts manual. How could a young youth like that possibly possess something so highly precious?"

    "I've been saying from the beginning that the youth was from uncommon background and you all just refused to believe me! Now do you see? If the Liu Family's people are still not going to stop, I think they might all have to leave their lives behind here today."

    "Looks like the Liu Family has stubbed their toe into a solid metal plate this time. Not able to take down the youth but have instead lost several of the clan's pillars of strength. If even these three Elders are to all be killed, then the Liu Family Clan's position as a mid leveled family will be reduced to that of a small Family Clan after this."


    A mournful cry suddenly sounded, startling everyone so much their hearts cringed and they turned their eyes onto the few combatants in front. They saw one of the elderly men falling to the ground after being sent flying out with a kick, his body shivering incessantly and howls of agony started coming out from his mouth.

    "Oww! It hurts so much! Oww....."

    Seeing that scene, Family Head Liu was rather bewildered and he got men to go help that Elder back. "Second Elder, where are you hurt?"

    Family Head Liu scanned the Elder up and down, seeing that besides for some superficial wounds upon his body, he did not see any other kind of injury. But the Second Elder's face was deathly pale, pain driving him to be bathed in cold sweat all over, which made Family Head Liu unable to help himself but be startled.

    "My..... my body hurts. It hurts everywhere... Ouch! Oww....." The Second Elder clenched his teeth, but was unable to endure it any longer, as he fell to ground to roll around in agony.


    At that moment, Fourth Elder was slashed on the back by the dagger, the wound so deep one could see the bone. Bright crimson blood surged out, staining his grey robe red.

    Seeing Fourth Elder staggering backwards with faltering and unsteady steps in retreat, the expression on Family Head Liu's face finally changed drastically. He saw that not only Fourth Elder was wounded on his back, but even the First Elder's body was covered in wounds as well, giving him no choice but to go before the City Lord.

    "City Lord, this kid is highly vicious and merciless. He has not only killed men from my Liu Family, he has even killed the Ghost Doctor. Is the City Lord really going to just stand back and not bother with it at all?"

    Hearing those words, the City Lord who had originally not wanted to stick his nose into this matter suddenly creased up his brows. Casting a glance upon Family Head Liu, he then turned his gaze upon the vicious youth with extraordinary fighting prowess to say: "You men have already gone three on one against him and since you are still unable to capture him, then just let him go!"

    The Ghost Doctor was already dead and this youth must have come from an extraordinary background. Why should he go offend the youth who possessed such shocking battle prowess over a dead man?

    Moreover, a person like this could not possibly not have any strong backing behind him and if he were to die here in the Six Path City, the kind of trouble that would bring would surely be huge!

    Seeing that the City Lord was not intending to bother, Family Head Liu gritted his teeth, his heart indignant with resentment. Seeing the red clothed youth battling the First Elder with his back facing him, Family Head Liu's eyes flashed with a malicious chilling glint and in the very next instant, his hand gripped the Willow Leaf and he it thrust out straight towards the red clothed youth's unprotected back with blinding speed!

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