256 Another One Dead

    Watching the entire scene, quite a number of people stared with eyes wide with shock, looking like they had never thought that the mighty Family Head Liu would stoop so low as to commit a sneak attack upon someone's back. The crowd of people present there, were all people of a certain status and position, who would think it beneath themselves to wound an opponent from his back, as even if they were to win, it would earn them nothing but disdain from people.

    If one sought to win, the people would wish it to be where one defeated his opponent in a fair and proper fight, to take the enemy's life!

    Hence, when Family Head Liu actually used such a despicable method before everyone's eyes, many of them shook their heads with a sigh after recovering from the initial shock, becoming highly disappointed with him.

    There were also people who thought nothing of it, thinking that there wasn't anything wrong in doing that. In a situation where one was unable to defeat the enemy in a straight fight, as long as they were able to kill the opponent, any way that works was a good method and there was nothing inappropriate about his actions.

    The Hell's Lord hidden in the shadows upon seeing that scene showed a slight darkening of his deep eyes, his gaze filled with murder as he stared at Family Head Liu who was carrying out the sneak attack with sword in hand, his thin lips stiff and he did not say a word.

    But, the murder emanating out from his body and the dark ominous expression on his face already told Shadow One and Grey Wolf beside him that even if Family Head Liu did not die here today, it was thought he would definitely not live past the next few days!

    He did not make any moves to help because they saw that the Ghost Doctor had reacted very quickly. He did not even need to turn his head back to notice the murderous aura surging from behind him and immediately retaliated.


    The sound of blades clashing was heard loud and clear, as bright fiery sparks flew from the friction between the blades, malicious Qi from the dagger clashing against the sword's Qi, giving out shrill whistling sounds.

    The blades of the two people flashed and glinted as they weaved in battle, the intense speed they moved at only allowing the gathered crowd to see streaks of Qi from the blades shooting past as they fell to the ground, leaving deep slash marks cut into the ground.

    And at that moment when the two people were locked in combat, the First Elder who had been pushed back in retreat then flipped his hands as his spirit powers surged, to form two formless wind blades and he slashed them fiercely right towards Feng Jiu's back.

    Having once seen how shameless Family Head Liu had been, to now see their First Elder replicating those actions, nobody said anything about it this time.

    However, it was also right at that moment that Feng Jiu summoned power into the tip of her foot as she kicked at Family Head Liu's sword wielding arm. The sharp crack of bones breaking sounded clearly and the Willow Leaf was sent flying out from that kick, to flip over in the air before it fell with a clatter to the ground.


    Family Head Liu gasped in pain as he staggered backwards in retreat. Both his arms had sustained injuries and this time, it was no longer possible for him to continue to battle anymore.

    At that moment, having just broken Family Head Liu's arm, Feng Jiu leapt up into the air, her graceful figure rising with enchanting grace, the flamboyant red clothes billowing out in the wind in mid air, the devilishly handsome countenance tinged with a bloodthirsty and mesmerizing smile. The blinding magnificence exuding from her in that instant, made everyone's eyes shine brightly, their hearts quaking from the amazing sight.....

    What unmatchable magnificence this youth possess!

    Just as everyone could not help themselves but secretly praise the youth in their hearts, the situation changed instantly in the next moment. The red clothed youth who made everyone's eyes shine suddenly shot the dagger out of her hand while in midair, and everyone heard a sharp swoosh tear right through the air before the dagger pierced right into the First Elder's throat with a thud!


    Seeing the Liu Family's First Elder not even able to cry out before his body fell stiffly to the ground, his eyes wide open from aggrievement. Everyone involuntarily gave a loud gasp, their hearts suddenly rising with turbulent emotions, that refused to abate for quite a long while.....

    "First Elder!"

    Family Head Liu cried out in incredulous horror, unable to accept such an ending. He glared at the red clothed youth hatefully when suddenly, he looked up into the sky to laugh maniacally.
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