258 Clan Sacred Beast Protector


    His booming laughter was imbued with powerful oppression that quaked everyone's eardrums a little painfully. That laughter suddenly stopped and his venomous gaze that was like a viper's stared straight at the red clothed youth, his voice coming out filled with intense murder.

    "To be able to force my Liu Family Clan back to such an extent, you possess great capability indeed! But, I will definitely have you lay your life down here today, to quell the hatred boiling up in my heart!"

    The moment his voice fell, he crushed a white jade talisman seal hanging from his hip and shouted out: "Cloud Devouring Beast!"

    At almost the same instant that he crushed the white jade talisman seal, a beam of clear light shot up into the sky, and it was at that moment that right in front of the Liu Family's Manor's main doors, an enormous strange looking stone beast was suddenly making loud sounds of rock cracking, frightening the entire Liu Family Clan into a shocked frenzy.

    "Oh no! There's trouble afoot! The stone beast outside our manor has cracked open!"

    The sound spread throughout the Liu's Manor, the signs of cracking upon the stone beast sending quakes of terror throughout the Liu Family. When the old patriarch in the courtyard heard the commotion, his face turned pale from shock.

    "Just what has happened? What kind of disaster could have befallen the family? Where's the Family Head? Get him to come see me quick!"

    He shouted with a roar, as he carried his walking stick with him to rush towards the outside of the main doors, and a guard came forward to report.

    "Old Master, the Family Head brought three of the Elders to the Famed Cloud Loft and had gotten into a fight with someone there."

    "That rebellious son! What kind of powerful entity has he antagonized? That he needs to even mobilize my Liu Family's Clan Sacred Beast Protector! Is he trying to destroy the Liu Family's hundred year foundation! ?"

    Old Patriarch Liu was so angry he thumped his walking stick hard on the ground as he shouted: "Quickly! Quickly go and invite our several granduncles, to go to the Famed Cloud Loft together!" Immediately upon saying that, he went outside in a hurry.

    Coming outside, Old Patriarch Liu saw one of the two enormous stone beast statues outside the doors start to move with a rumble, as the stone beast that was originally in a sitting position stood up, and shook its body. Broken rock and gravel then spilled all over the ground, to reveal the stone beast original face.


    The ferocious roar tore through the Heaven's dome above, the powerful oppressive aura of the Sacred Beast spreading together with that ferocious roar, causing the entire Six Path City's people to quiver, leading the various clans and the commoners in the city to be shocked.

    When the old patriarch just outside the Liu Manor's main doors saw the Clan Sacred Beast Protector showing its real face with a shake of its body, the strength seeped out from his legs and he fell limply to the ground to mutter: "It's over..... It's over....."

    "Old Master!"

    The legs of the accompanying guards were similarly shaking as they hurriedly held the old patriarch, their hearts highly astounded. They had never known that the stone beast statue outside the main doors was actually hiding such a magnificent and resplendent looking Sacred Beast!

    Seeing the Sacred Beast for the first time, they were feeling the oppressive aura the Sacred Beast was exuding shaking them so badly that their faces turned pale, and the bodies started to shiver.

    The Sacred Beast shook out its fur and stretched its limbs before snorting two streams of air through its nose, heavy with derision. It turned its head back to glance at the old Patriarch Liu and then went on to crouch its body down, before pushing off its hind legs in a leap, flying into the air towards the sky that was filled with light.

    At that moment in front of the Famed Cloud Loft, everyone was just as highly astounded.

    "Cloud..... Cloud Devouring Beast? Isn't that the Liu Family's Clan Sacred Beast Protector?"

    "That is indeed the Liu Family's Clan Sacred Beast Protector. It is said that the Liu Family had leapt up to become a mid class family clan because of the Cloud Devouring Beast back then but it has been many years since anyone saw the Cloud Devouring Beast appear."

    "Seeing that Family Head Liu had actually mobilized their Clan Sacred Beast Protector to kill the red clothed youth, it seems that if either one among the two of them doesn't lay his life down here today, today's crisis would never abate."
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