258 Hell’s Lord’s Intervention

    Meanwhile, Feng Jiu stared at the light shooting up into the sky, noticing the confidence in Family Head Liu's words, feeling a little puzzled.

    If it was his contracted beast, why did it not appear immediately? But was instead waiting for it to appear? Could it be that the Cloud Devouring Beast he shouted out for earlier was not his contracted beast?

    But if it was not his contracted beast, why would it heed his summons?

    In the shadows, Grey Wolf said to the Hell's Lord: "My Lord, the Liu Family's Cloud Devouring Beast is a Sacred Beast level Spirit Beast. It is a contracted beast passed down from the Liu Family's ancestors. If the Ghost Doctor is pitted against it, chances are it will end up disastrous."

    Hearing those words, the Hell's Lord's eyes glinted. Glancing at the red clothed figure, he ordered in a low voice: "The two of you keep watch here."

    The moment his voice fell, he disappeared in an instant, his speed fast as a bolt of lightning. When Grey Wolf and Shadow One turned their heads, they already saw no sign of him.

    "What do you think the Lord went off to do?" Grey Wolf asked, slightly taken aback.

    Shadow One thought about it a moment before he said: "I am guessing he went to intercept and kill that Cloud Devouring Beast while it is on its way here."

    Upon hearing that, a corner of Grey Wolf's mouth twitched, at a loss for words as he turned his head back to the front, to watch the red clothed figure before the Famed Cloud Loft before he said softly with a sigh: "The Lord really stops at nothing for the Ghost Doctor!"

    With the powers their Lord possessed, not to mention just a mere Sacred Beast, even if it was to kill a Divine Beast it would just be a matter of a wave of his hand. But, what he had not expected was to kill a mere Sacred Beast, the Lord had actually gone to do it personally, leaving the two of them here to watch the bustling scene in leisure.

    Tsk! Who asked the Lord to value the Ghost Doctor so much? He must have thought that they might fail in the task and he had left to go do it himself! It could only be said that it was the Sacred Beast's misfortune to encounter the Lord.

    Who asked it to be the Liu Family's Clan Protector Sacred Beast out of so many other clans everywhere? To say that it was the Liu Family's Clan Protector Sacred Beast was completely fine, but it was that Family Head Liu who did not know who he was dealing with that actually dared to mobilize its Sacred Beast to come execute the Ghost Doctor. That had truly breached one of the Lord's biggest taboo.

    As time passed, the crowd suddenly noticed that something wasn't quite right, where even Feng Jiu who was waiting to see what that Cloud Devouring Beast looked like could not help but arched up an eyebrow.

    In the next instant, the red figure leapt and while Family Head Liu was gazing uneasily around in a fluster, Feng Jiu clutched at his throat.


    Suddenly, from somewhere in the sky, a roar of rage resounded. The sound reached the ears of everyone in the crowd but disappeared very quickly, almost like they had heard it wrongly, when they did not hear it again.

    "Where is your Cloud Devouring Beast? I have waited for quite a while already."

    She glanced in the direction where the sound had been heard as she asked in a soft voice that was tinged with a chill, her half narrowed eyes filled with murder as she stared at Family Head Liu. [As long as the City Lord and his people do not move against her, just dealing with these several people from the Liu Family wouldn't be too hard a task for her.]

    As for whatever that Cloud Devouring Sacred Beast is..... Ha! She was someone who possessed an Ancient Divine Beast, would she be afraid of just one Sacred Beast?

    "Rebellious son! This highly rebellious son! Are you trying to drag our entire Liu Family Clan into oblivion? Are you thinking of destroying everyone in our Liu Family here?"

    A rage filled voice reached them from somewhere not too far away. Everyone's eyes turned to look in that direction, to see the Liu Family's old patriarch hurrying over with several old men. Old Patriarch Liu who was in the lead had his face filled with quaking rage, and if not for the two guards holding him, it was thought that he might not be able to walk all the way here.

    "Fa..... Father....."

    Family Head Liu was startled, never expecting that his father would come here, and even the Clan Elders had also come.....
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