262 It Ends Right Here

    Hearing Feng Jiu's words, the smile on Chief Ke's face deepened. But when he saw the faces of everyone in the surrounding crowd and the people who had collapsed to sit upon the ground, he could not help but ask: "What happened to those people?"

    Feng Jiu glanced over at those people and the corners of her mouth hung with a tinge of mirth as she replied: "Maybe..... they have been overcome by shock."

    At that moment, the City Lord who had managed to recover his senses quickly came forward apologetically: "Esteemed Ghost Doctor, humble Chang here had been blind to have mistakenly recognized that impersonator as the Ghost Doctor. I'm really..... Sigh!"

    "Mistook the Ghost Doctor? What is going on here?" Chief Ke stared in bewilderment at Feng Jiu and City Lord Chang, to think to himself: [Had something big happened here just before this?]

    "The matter is in the past and there is no need to mention it anymore."

    As she spoke, she turned to look at the trembling bunch of elderly men. Her eyes darken as she walked forward, to go before them and say: "The matter ends right here. You can all go back."

    Hearing those words, the several men kneeling upon the ground were so relieved they almost teared. When they heard that the red clothed youth was actually the Ghost Doctor, they had thought it was all over for them, and it was the end of the Liu Family. Never had they thought that the Ghost Doctor would let them off, and not pursue the matter. This..... This.....

    "Thank you Ghost Doctor, thank you....."

    They prostrated and bowed gratefully, thankful from the bottom of their hearts. Because of the Ghost Doctor's benevolence in sparing the rod, the Liu Family was able to escape the calamity of erasure.

    Immediately, they led their men to leave quickly, not daring to remain a single moment more, like they were fearful that the youth would change his mind.

    "Esteemed Ghost Doctor, please come to the City Lord's Manor to have a rest and allow your humble Chang here a chance to make amends." The City Lord at the side opened his mouth again to speak, seeking to do whatever he could to make amends for the wrongs that he had committed.

    Chief Ke cast a gauging glance upon City Lord Chang and a glint flashed in his eyes. [Make amends?]

    "No need." Feng Jiu said indifferently, and went on to say to Leng Shuang beside her: "Take the reins of Old White."

    Leng Shuang turned her eyes to follow Feng Jiu's gaze and saw the fat horse plopped upon the ground, snoring loudly in sleep. Although she was puzzled why her Mistress would get herself a horse like that, she still went forward to pick up the reins.

    Because of the tugging on the reins, Old White woke up and when it saw the coldly beautiful Leng Shuang dressed in full black before its eyes, it drooled as it shot itself to its feet and went up close to her.

    "I have already left instructions for the branch to prepare for a place to rest. Let's do it this way,  we'll head on over there first, and we can discuss about the rest of the things after that." Chief Ke said, sticking a hand out to the side in a gesture of invite.

    "Mm." Feng Jiu muttered in acknowledgement, and went striding forward. However, she had just opened her stride when she suddenly paused, and her gaze seemed to glance thoughtfully at a certain spot.

    Seeing the youth pause in his step, Chief Ke then asked: "What's wrong?"

    "Nothing." She shook her head, and then continued with her stride.

    Leng Shuang led Old White and followed right behind, a whole company of people making their way towards the black market. In moments, they disappeared from the Famed Cloud Loft.....

    In the shadows, Grey Wolf and Shadow One glanced at each other before turning to look at their Lord to ask: "My Lord, we're not capturing the Ghost Doctor and bringing him back with us?"

    "Who told you that this Lord wants to capture the Ghost Doctor?" The Hell's Lord swept his gaze over the two men, and with a flick of his sleeves, he turned himself around and left.

    Seeing the Lord leave, the two men were stunned. Grey Wolf suppressed his voice and asked: "Didn't the Lord come running here just because of the Ghost Doctor? If not to capture the kid, then what have we come all the way here for? Don't tell me we came here just to have a look at the Ghost Doctor?"

    Shadow One threw Grey Wolf a glance and then said expressionlessly: "In regards to that question, I think that you can go ask the Lord about it." The instant his voice fell, he immediately left as well.

    "Ask the Lord? You want me to be skinned alive by the Lord!" Grey Wolf grumbled, and then summoned up his Qi to go catch up.
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