266 The Old Cow and Fresh Young Grass

    "What are you doing! ?"

    His sudden and unexpected action startled her and her eyes stared while her hands pushed out instinctively against his chest, to stop him from leaning any further down. But that male presence that suddenly came so close and that handsome face whose charm was allure was magnified right before her still caused her heart to suddenly thump wildly.

    The Hell's Lord's deep gaze were fixed right upon her, his hands pressed on the bed on each side of her that propped him up, his entire body right over her, trapping her underneath to prevent her escape.

    Looking at her stunned expression and smelling that distinct scent of herbs that belonged to her, his eyes darkened and his throat swallowed once before his low voice tinged with a magnetic raspiness said: "You really do not know what this Lord wants to do?"

    Feng Jiu looked right into that handsome face that was so close before her eyes and she could not help but gulp and her voice came out a whole lot softer: "About that, Hell's Lord, we're both men here and having you push me down on the bed like this really isn't good. People might misunderstand if they see this."

    Although she was feeling that he was quite a great catch, but this man was oozing out danger from every part of his body and she was afraid that she would draw trouble to herself from then on. Moreover, his overwhelming might had been something she was not able to predict at all and she would not be able to overpower him in a fight, hence, it would be better to not have anything to do with him.

    "Are you a man?"

    He deep penetrating eyes glinted with a tinge of mirth, a brief flash, so fast that it was impossible to notice.

    "Of course"

    She said easily, but caught under his gaze, her voice sounded a little weak and not that sure of herself.

    The Hell's Lord looked upon the exquisite face of unmatched beauty just below him and his breaths grew heavy.

    At such a close distance, he could almost even hear the thumping sound of his heart. Seeing that moist little mouth opening and closing as she spoke, he discovered that he was not hearing what she said at all, as all his attention was being focused upon those glistening red lips filled with mesmerizing allure.

    [Really feel so much like planting a kiss on them to know how they taste.]

    And with that thought in his mind, an impulse surged up in his heart, and he went on to follow on his urge as his body slowly pressed downwards, his eyes becoming darker, a heat rising up within him as he fell towards those irresistible red lips.

    Feng Jiu was stunned!

    Seeing his face gradually lowering down, her eyes flared wide with shock as she stared. [Could this man be the same bearded uncle back in the Nine Entrapment Woods who fainted away when she accidentally kissed him?]

    [When did he become so shameless?]

    Seeing that pair of sexy thin lips was right about to kiss her on her lips, and her hands on his chest were unable to push him away no matter how she tried, it was like a huge mountain crushing down upon her. Seeing that happen, the look in her eyes changed and she immediately called out.


    That one call had indeed caused the Hell's Lord to freeze in shock. The eyes that had originally been focused only upon those red luscious lips then looked higher up, to see that little lady looking at him with a highly aggrieved look on her face, like he had just committed the greatest and most unpardonable sin upon her. No matter how thick skinned he was, at that moment, he was feeling too embarrassed to continue with what he was doing.

    "Uncle, although you lust after men, you should not set your paws upon me right? I am only like what.... fifteen or sixteen? And just a budding little grass. Aren't you embarrassed to be eating such young grass?"

    Hearing those words, a corner of the Hell's Lord's mouth could not help but twitch, and his handsome face immediately turned dark. He cast a cold glance upon that face with such an innocent expression on it, indignant rage rising up in his chest that he had nowhere to vent out upon.

    "You mean to say that this old cow of a Lord here should not be eating young grass like you?"

    He said, feeling like gritting his teeth together. If he could, he should just strangle this frustrating girl to death and be done with it.
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