267 Luxurious Airship

    Chief Ke looked at the Heavenly Silkworm Snow Cloak and said: "To put it more accurately, it is a magical treasure with great defence capabilities. It can withstand three attack strikes from a Golden Core cultivator, or a single attack from a Nascent Soul cultivator. Once it is put on, it would conform to the wearer's body shape and size on its own to fit. With this Snow Cloak, our dear brother here would at least have another layer of protection if you were to meet with danger in future."

    Seeing those two presents, Feng Jiu's demeanor soften a little as she looked at Chief Ke and clasped her hand over her fist to say: "These two presents had obviously taken Brother Ke quite a lot of effort. Let me express my gratitude to you right now."

    Hearing Feng Jiu address him as Brother Ke, Chief Ke's heart rose up with delight as he laughed out loud to say: "As long as our dear brother likes it, as long as you like it." As he spoke, he pulled out something else from out of his sleeve and said to Feng Jiu with a smile: "Those two items are gifts in gratitude, this one here is our dear brother's remuneration for helping the black market achieve first place."

    "Have a look, my dear brother." He opened his palm, to reveal an exquisite and luxurious little ship.

    "This is....." Feng Jiu looked at him in puzzlement.

    "Hoho. This is a superior grade flying magical artifact, which can be blown up big or miniaturized, its capacity able to hold more than a hundred people. Everything is fully equipped inside and all that you will need to use is in there. It can be considered to be a luxurious airship."

    Chief Ke looked at the shock in the Ghost Doctor's eyes and said with a smile: "With this airship, my dear brother will be able to come and go from the Sun Glory Country anytime and not just that, in countries below the fifth grade, you will only need to register this airship with them and you will be able to enter freely."

    Feng Jiu picked it up to take a look at it, her face breaking out into a smile as she said: "If so, I'll then accept it."

    This thing, was as comparable to an aeroplane in modern times, and it would be convenient for her to go anywhere she wanted. That was just great! From what she knew about the prices of magical artifacts in this world, this airship would be considered to be a priceless item, as afterall, not even the royal family of the Sun Glory Country had something so luxurious.

    Having received such generous gifts, it made her feel a little embarrassed. Hence, she took out a small bottle from the space and said: "Brother Ke, this is Spirit Congealing Liquid. Brother Ke should find time to take it and it should be able to help you breakthrough to the next level."

    "Spi..... Spirit Congealing Liquid?"

    Hearing those words, Chief Ke was getting excited. Being from the black market, he knew that among the medicines the Ghost Doctor had recently concocted, there was a miraculous concoction called the Spirit Congealing Liquid. City Lord Chang had drunk a bottle of that before he was finally able to breakthrough the bottleneck he had not been able to overcome for a very long time. Even as a Chief of the black market, he had only heard of it over the recent period and not seen it for himself. He had not thought that the Ghost Doctor would offer a bottle of Spirit Congealing Liquid in the first instance and it was actually gifted to him?

    Feng Jiu smiled slightly. "Mm. It's Spirit Congealing Liquid. Actually, I need to trouble Brother Ke about one more matter."

    Holding the Spirit Congealing Liquid, Chief Ke's mind was reeling slightly from the excitement and when he heard those words, he immediately asked: "What is it? Please speak freely, my dear brother. As long as it's within the ability of your brother here, I will not refuse."

    He just knew that establishing good relations with the Ghost Doctor was better than anything else he could have done! It's the Spirit Congealing Liquid! It's divine medicine for the level advancement! Everyone's gone mad fighting to get their hands on a bottle of it and there was no need to mention the Ghost Doctor asking for help from him on just one matter. Even if it was ten different matters, he would have agreed to them all.

    "I need some books and manuals to do with Elixir Cultivation and I would like to ask for Brother Ke's help in looking for them."

    "Hahaha. That is no problem at all. I'll have them sent over in awhile."

    He agreed to it immediately. Such a task was not difficult for him at all. But the moment his voice just fell, his eyes shone slightly as he looked at the red clothed youth before his eyes to ask: "My dear brother, could it be that you're also a Pill Refiner as well?"
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