269 Reciprocal Gif

    "Then based on what you say, what gift would have been good?"

    "Of course a....."

    The moment that voice sounded, Grey Wolf then looked at Shadow One who had his head lowered, and he had no other choice but to turn himself around stiffly. "My L..... Lord....."

    [Why was he so unlucky? Everytime he gossips about the Lord, the Lord always hears him.]

    "Tell me then. As what you said earlier, what gift would have been suitable?" The Hell's Lord was not mad, but just looking at Grey Wolf as he asked, seemingly like he was also thinking about the same problem.

    Seeing that, Grey Wolf secretly heaved a sigh of relief, his face splitting into a grin as he said: "My Lord, from the way I see it, the Ghost Doctor likes things that are worth a lot of money. Didn't you see that when he secretly ran away back then, he swiped the Thousand Year Ginseng from the Medical Tower? Hence, I feel that instead of having the Lord give a pet as a present, why not give him some magical artifacts or spirit treasures, where the Ghost Doctor would be able to find a use for them at critical moments."

    Hearing that, the Hell's Lord's eyes flashed. [Likes things worth a lot of money? With that girl, she shouldn't be short of money at all. Afterall, one bottle of her medicine will already fetch her a heavenly sum.]

    [But, magical artifacts and spirit treasures might just work,]

    Hence, after casting a glance at Grey Wolf, the Hell's Lord turned and went walking back.

    Seeing the Lord walking back into the house, Shadow One breathed out in relief and patted Grey Wolf on the shoulder as he said: "Do you know what that little pet the Lord gave to the Ghost Doctor really is?"

    "Isn't it just an ordinary little pet?"

    "That is the Cloud Devouring Beast. The Lord did not kill it but instead gave it to the Ghost Doctor as a present, thinking that it could protect the Ghost Doctor while it stayed at the Ghost Doctor's side.

    "Cloud..... Cloud Devouring Beast? The one from the Liu Family?" Grey Wolf's eyes were wide as a goldfish as he stared in shock.

    "That's right. I heard the Lord say that is a peak level Beast Saint, and in future, it can level up to become a Divine Beast. That is definitely anything but an ordinary pet."

    "The Lord is really thoughtful towards the Ghost Doctor! What a pity, why can't the Ghost Doctor be born a girl?" Grey Wolf shook his head as he sighed. Regarding the matter about the Lord falling in love with a man, Grey Wolf still could not reconcile himself with that fact.

    They were outside in the world now. If they were to return, the Lord's identity could not possibly allow him to be with the Ghost Doctor. Afterall, the Lord was someone so highly revered and mighty, needless to mention that the Ghost Doctor was a man, even if he was a girl, he still might not be worthy enough for their Lord.

    But the fact was he only dared to think these thoughts to himself in his heart. If he was asked to speak them out loud, he really wouldn't dare.

    - High Noon, Feng Jiu's Courtyard -

    Feng Jiu was pouring the end product of her entire morning's worth of research into a medicine bottle. That was a pill she had specially developed for that Uncle, which meant the Hell's Lord. It was to be used to suppress the Thousand Year Frost Poison, which was also her reciprocal gift to the Hell's Lord.

    "Doesn't Mistress only concoct medicine?" Leng Shuang asked as she watched Feng Jiu put the pill that was about the size of a thumb into the bottle. Having toiled the entire morning, she had finally finished.

    "To be able to make the Mistress take such effort, I would think that this person's relationship with Mistress must be rather extraordinary."

    "Relationship?" Feng Jiu arched up an eyebrow and stuck her pointing finger up to shake it as she said: "Wrong. We're not all that close, but I swindled quite a lot of things from him and I should at least do something for him in return." She then stood up with a flourish of her clothes, and stretched her back as she said: "I'll go in and rest for awhile. Don't let anyone come disturb me."

    "Yes," Leng Shuang acknowledged, and immediately saw a figure suddenly appear with a swoosh. Her body instinctively turned wary, when she heard the figure's voice call out.

    "Ghost Doctor!"
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