272 Hard to Mouth the Words

    Back at the residence, Grey Wolf and Shadow One who had come back to wait were discussing in hushed voices to guess how things would turn out when the Lord comes back this time. Who would have known that they had not even discussed several rounds when they already saw their Lord striding in through the door and the two men immediately stood up, to greet respectfully loudly.

    "My Lord."

    The Hell's Lord cast a passing glance over them and just as he was about to step into the room, his steps under his feet paused. He turned his head to glance over the two men and said in a deep voice: "The grounds in the backyard has grass growing. Both of you go pluck them out! Remember, pull them out yourselves."

    The moment his voice fell, he ignored the two completely stunned men behind him and went striding into his room.

    "Pluck..... Pluck grass?"

    The two men looked at each other in shock, a twitch tugging at the corners of their mouths. With the kind of powers they possessed, few among the Family Heads in the entire Six Path City could even compare to them and the Lord was saying that highly talented individuals like them were to go pluck up weeds?

    "Would you say that the Lord has been snubbed once again?" Grey Wolf muttered, the shock on his face not yet faded.

    "Come on, let's go. Pull out the weeds it is then. It's at least better than being thrown into the Clear Wind Tower." Shadow One said as he patted Grey Wolf comfortingly on the shoulder, taking the lead to go walk towards the back of the house.

    There was no need to say it. The Lord must have been snubbed by the Ghost Doctor. But..... How pitiful it was for them!

    Hence, the hidden guards within the shadows of the manor could not help but snigger quietly to themselves, as they looked at their leader and Grey Wolf squatting there in the backyard to get rid of the weeds.....

    Back in the room, the Hell's Lord was becoming more enraged the more he thought about it, under to understand why he had come walking back sulkily like this. He was acting just like a aggrieved little lass! Did he really expect to wait for that heartless little woman to come here to coax and appease him?

    That was something he need not even think would happen. That woman would surely have liked nothing better than to stay far from him.

    The more he thought about it, the more he was unable to suppress the rage rising up inside. He had just sat down by the table for a short while when he stood himself up with a whoosh and went striding outside, intending to go over to her place once again, to clear things up once and for all.

    However, when his footsteps had just reached the door when they paused, and the hands that were about to pull the doors open froze. His deep penetrating eyes were deep in thought and his lips stiff as he snorted in frustration before returning back to his seat by the table.

    If he went to find her right now, he would surely just be met with the words: Why are you here again?

    When that thought came to his mind, he forcibly pushed that impulse back down. He had just come back and if he was to go over there again, what would that make him look like? Even if he was offering himself up, there was no need to be so desperate was there?

    Hence, he forced himself to swallow it all down. But with his belly full of words left unsaid, and his heart burning with insufferable rage, the entire day was like having taken deer penis tonic and unable to give vent, making him highly restless.....

    After a long arduous wait, morning finally came and he washed and changed before going outside where he saw Grey Wolf and Shadow One coming in. He swept his gaze over the two men and asked: "You've plucked all the grass?"

    "My Lord, we've finished pulling them all out."

    The two men quickly replied. Heavens knew that they had been squatting there in the backyard the entire day yesterday and their backs were so sore when they woke up this morning.

    Suddenly, Shadow One's gaze fell upon the black robe on his Lord's body and his mouth moved slightly, but he held his tongue, merely lowering his head in silence.

    "Stay here in the house." The Hell's Lord threw down those words, and summoned his Qi to leave with a great leap out.

    After he left, Shadow One then lifted his head up and asked: "Grey Wolf, did you notice it?"

    "Notice what?" Grey Wolf asked as he went walking over to the table to sit down as he massaged his sore back.

    "The black robe that the Lord was wearing is a new one!" Shadow One was feeling rather amazed, thinking that his Lord had once again rewritten what he thought he knew of his Lord.

    So, a man who falls one sidedly in love can actually be so..... Terrifying!

    When Grey Wolf heard that, he was surprised a moment as well. "That cannot be, right?" He had not noticed it earlier.

    However, when the Hell's Lord came once again to the courtyard that Feng Jiu was staying in, his face darkened once again, like a thunderous storm that was about to descend, a low oppressive air emanating out from his entire body.....
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