274 Inconceivable

    Actually, Feng Jiu was not aware that the Hell's Lord had told it that if it could not stay at Feng Jiu's side to protect her, then it had no reason to continue to exist.

    To think that it being a peak grade Divine Beast, was actually threatened so blatantly, and it was helpless against the person threatening it. When it thought back about the man whose powers had been so close to being terrifying, Little Ball who had been lying across the back of the horse could not help itself but tremble with a chill.

    It had been unlucky. It had thought that it was finally free after breaking out from the stone but who would have known that it would encounter that man with such perverse strength? It had been threatened and had a sliver of its divine soul pulled out, hence if it did not obey, its little life could be forfeited anytime.

    Its gaze then swept disdainfully over the red clothed youth, seeing nothing great in this human youth worthy of cherishing, and he was so weak to death. Having a great peak grade Divine Beast like it protecting him, he's got a really good deal.

    The moment Old White heard that there was food up ahead, it drooled and strength surged into its legs, its hooves lifting as it went galloping forward, leaving Leng Shuang and Little Ball in a billowing cloud of dust that rose.....

    Little Ball that had been lying down choked on the dust kicked up, as it sat itself upright to glare angrily at the galloping figure running ahead in front.

    [That obese horse! Only knows how to eat eat eat! It should just die from obesity!]

    Not long after that, when they came to a hill slope not too far away from those two houses, Feng Jiu was rather astonished as she rode upon Old White's back. She pulled back on the reins as she stared at the place before her, and her eyes flashed with a glint.

    Catching up from behind, Leng Shuang came beside Feng Jiu. Seeing that Feng Jiu was not moving forward, she turned to look at the two houses with their lamps lit and said warily: "Will Mistress wait here for a moment while I go up ahead and take a look." She then flipped herself off her horse, about to walk towards the houses immediately.

    "I'll go with you."

    Feng Jiu flipped herself off the horse to land on the ground, leading Old White down the slope. However, Old White did not seem too willing to go forward as it neighed, its hooves stamping on the ground uneasily.

    Feng Jiu smiled slightly and stroked ts head as she cooed in a gentle voice "It's alright. Just follow me."

    Seeing that, Old White then snorted softly, following obediently at Feng Jiu's side.

    And plopped upon the horse's back, Little Ball narrowed its eyes at that moment, its eyes glancing at Feng Jiu, before turning to look at the two houses, as it followed behind without making a sound.

    There were only two families in that place and their houses had a lamp lit inside. It might be because they seldom saw any outsiders come, the little boy who was about four or five years old seated by the door and playing with pebbles blinked his eyes curiously as he looked at Feng Jiu dressed in a full suit of red and the black robed Leng Shuang leading her horse in approach.

    He suddenly jumped to his feet and went running inside the house as he shouted: "Father! Mother! Someone came. Two people came here."

    'Snort! Snort!'

    Old White snorted two streams of hot air from its nostrils, its hooves stomping impatiently as it pulled with its head, seeking to pull Feng Jiu away from there.

    Seeing Old White's strange behaviour, Feng Jiu's eyes turned slightly, to glance inside the house before her gaze swept over the other house situated not too far off and then lowering her eyes. It was not known what was going through her mind.

    Until the little boy that had gone running inside came walking out once again, to stand by the door and looking inquisitively at Feng Jiu, and Old White whom she was leading, before turning to look at Little Ball upon the horse's back.

    At that moment, a young woman half covered by the door stuck half her body out, to look at the people who had come before she asked in a soft voice: "Where have the guests come from?"

    Hearing that voice, Feng Jiu raised her head to look. With that one look, the young woman's pale and colourless face then reflected in Feng Jiu's eyes. It was just one glance, and her heart slightly quaked, feeling that it was just inconceivable.....
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