277 All are Ghosts! ?

    The two of them immediately opened their eyes and jumped to their feet. However, before they could do anything, they heard the wild wind kicking up, the loud howling mournful and filled with aggrievement.

    "Why? Why won't you let us off? Why! ?"

    That was a old and raspy voice, sounding a little shrill and sharp, exceptionally clear and distinct in the night. That was not a woman's voice, sounding elderly instead, but.....

    Feng Jiu's eyes glinted and she looked at Leng Shuang outside to say: "Don't go out as it does not concern us." As she spoke, Feng Jiu came to the table and sat herself down.

    Hearing that, Leng Shuang was startled and then acknowledged Feng Jiu's orders as she came to stand behind Feng Jiu in guard.

    Outside, a middle aged man dressed in Taoist robes while holding a horsetail whisk in hand stood in midair, a powerful aura swirling around his body, and a glow of..... divine light that was slightly different from spirit power.

    On the ground, an old woman and an old man stood holding each other, their faces streaked with tears and filled with aggrievement. And swirling around their body was not thick and robust spirit Qi, but waves of chilling Yin energy.

    "Let you off? Hahahaha. Preposterous!"

    The middle aged man standing in midair guffawed. "Mortals and ghosts tread on different paths and if this priest had not encountered you, it would not have mattered. But since now that we've met, I must have you exorcised!"

    The moment that voice fell, he gave the horsetail whisk in his hand a wave, and a stream of spirit power aura shot downwards streaking viciously with divine light. Tearing through the air, a malicious whoosh could be heard and the old couple who were standing on the ground became enraged at that moment.

    "We did not harm anyone when we were alive but died bearing aggrievement. Even having turned into spirits after we died, we have not harmed all those people who passed by here but you, a person who keeps mouthing off about righteousness, are not even willing to spare us, immediately proclaiming that you want to exorcise us. Since that is the case, even if our spirits are to scatter and disperse, we will kill you!"

    The old man shouted sorrowfully in rage. He seemed to have been a cultivator when he was alive, and became a ghost after he died, the aggrievement in him refusing to dissipate, the Yin energy strong and intense. With a loud roar, he rose up into the air, his fingernails on his hands suddenly becoming long like claws, as he lunged at the Taoist priest.

    Meanwhile, in the room, Leng Shuang who heard those words could not help but widened her eyes and look at Feng Jiu to ask softly in shock: "Mistress, the people in this family..... are ghosts?"

    Feng Jiu lightly tapped the table and replied in a soft voice: "Not all of them are."

    "Not all are?" Leng Shuang was stunned, suddenly recalling that her Mistress had said that only the child was normal and she could not help herself but continue to ask: "What Mistress means is that only the little boy is human?"

    "Mm." Feng Jiu acknowledged affirmatively before she said: "Before we came in through the doors, I had seen only one person's aura and it was the little boy's. So, his parents and grandparents should all have already died because I had not been able to feel another bit of human aura besides ours and the little child's."

    "But how is that possible? If they were ghosts, why do they have a child with them?" Leng Shuang just felt that it was just too unbelievable. [Since there are humans and there are also deities in the world, then there will naturally be ghosts. And it is exactly because these three kinds of beings exist in Heaven and earth, the three realms are formed.]

    "I have not seen the other three spirits and I do not know what they are like. But I think Sunny's mother isn't a malicious ghost, and she does not hold any malicious intentions against us. Even the rice and dishes she prepared last night for us last night had been things that were edible, and not things morphed by the ghost eye from sand and soil."

    Upon hearing that, Leng Shuang then recalled that when the woman had served up the vegetables and meat, she had specifically mentioned that they were wild vegetables and rabbit meat. It was now quite clear that she had known the Mistress had been able to see that she was not human?

    "Mistress, then they are all here because....."

    "It should be because of the child."

    Feng Jiu sighed and then said: "But, what that man outside had said is not wrong either. Mortals and ghosts tread upon separate paths and if they remain with Sunny for too long, the Yang energy on Sunny's body will grow weak, and he might very well not survive in the end."
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