282 Met a Man on the Stree

    In a full suit of white and a peerlessly beautiful countenance, no matter where Feng Jiu came to walk, she would naturally attract everyone's gaze. Not to mention that flawlessly beautiful face, with just that outstanding body and graceful demeanor, it was rare to see in the most prosperous of places and even among the nobility, so there's no need to talk about faraway and remote city at the border.

    Leng Shuang was still clothed in a suit of black, that outlined the curves of her body, her face cold like icy frost, though beautiful, made people not dare to get close.

    As they entered the city, they rode their horses in slowly and Sunny who was seated in front of Feng Jiu gazed around in curiosity, his face one of amazement.

    Feng Jiu turned her head slightly to the side and said: "Leng Shuang, we'll go to the little wanton stall in front to wait for you. You go buy some dried rations so we have something to munch on on the road, and just pick up a little bit of cakes or titbits for Sunny along the way."

    "Yes." Leng Shuang acknowledged, her legs gripping around the horse's body to go on ahead.

    Meanwhile, Feng Jiu and Sunny came to the little wanton stall just not too far ahead, and ordered two bowls of wanton to eat as they waited.

    "Big Sister Feng, it's so beautiful in the city. There are so many things that Sunny has never seen before." The little fellow's eyes were shining as he looked at her, his entire body exuding with happiness and delight.

    "Big Sister's home is even prettier." She said with a smile as she rubbed him on his little head, before she continued on: "Eat quickly! Finish up and we can go along on our way."

    "Mm, mm." The little fellow nodded his head excitedly, scooping up a wanton with his spoon and ate.

    Throughout the journey, Sunny's obedient and sensible character had made Feng Jiu like the little boy a lot. Seeing him bury his little face into that large bowl as he ate the wantons, looking so squishy and adorable, it made Feng Jiu unable to help herself but to show a gentle smile on her face.

    And right opposite the little wanton stall on the second level of a restaurant, a man dressed in a navy blue robe was standing at the window with his hands behind his back. With an unconscious glance, he saw that flawlessly beautiful young lady wearing a white blouse and skirt at the little stall who had her face slightly turned away with such a gentle smile on it. It was just one glance, and he could not take his eyes off her.

    She's so beautiful!

    Even for him who had seen many beauties before, had to say that the white clothed lady really made his eyes light up in mesmerization. Looking at her seated in such a simple and crude place, her demeanor was languid and carefree, but under that nonchalant ease, an indisputable calm composure and grace exuded out from her very bones.

    She might have noticed that he was looking at her, and the smile on the lady's face retracted as she raised her eyes up to look at him. When he met her eyes, his heart quivered slightly.

    What a beautiful pair of eyes!

    That pair of clear eyes were so deep they were bottomless, but hiding a chilling sharpness. When looking at her initially, he had thought that she was a weak and gentle lady with flawless beauty. But the look into those eyes had let him understand that this woman was definitely not any common person.

    Her gaze possessed an alluring glint, clear and filled with an icy indifference. She did not avert her eyes in the slightest, unembarrassed as she met his eyes with a gauging gaze.

    Seeing that, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, his eyes rising with a sliver of interest.

    A middle aged man standing behind that man saw it and followed the first man's gaze, his eyes falling upon the figure of the white clothed young lady at the little stall. He merely looked gaugingly for a moment before he retracted his gaze, to stand guard respectfully behind the first man.

    Feng Jiu the turned away and started to eat the wantons. That man had an extraordinary air about him and it was guessed that he was not just any common man. She was merely passing by here and she did not wish to have anything unexpected happen on the road, hence, she did not pay that man anymore attention.

    However, just at that moment, quite a number of people were seen surging straight towards a certain location on the street, and she could faintly hear the voices raised in debate around her.....
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