283 Tailing Along Behind

    "I think that it was a black clothed maiden, and a rather good looking one as well. Unfortunately she encountered that pair of brother and sister."

    "Go go go, let's go have a look. No one in this city of ours dares to go against them, I'm guessing they're not from around here."

    Hearing those words, Feng Jiu's eyes flashed slightly as she noted the direction the people were running off towards to go see the commotion and she paused a moment before she asked: "Sunny, have you finished eating?"

    "I'm already full, but it's not finished. What do I do?" The little fella did not want to waste it and was still scooping up the soup to drink. As he looked at the few wantons still left in the bowl, the expression on his face was one of reluctance to waste them.

    Seeing that, Feng Jiu laughed lightly and rubbed his head as she said: "Don't eat it anymore if you're full. Don't stuff yourself too much as there's still cake later!"

    She smiled and paid the bill, then held his hand while leading Old White to walk towards the crowd of people.

    "My Lord is interested in that girl? Would my Lord want your subordinate to invite her over?"

    The middle aged man upstairs saw his Lord's gaze following the white clothed maiden and he opened his mouth to ask.

    After the man who stood with his hands behind his back heard those words, he turned his head around to glance at the middle aged man and said: "Do you really think, that you would be able to make her?"

    Hearing that, the middle aged man was startled and he asked in incomprehension: "What does my Lord mean?" Why would he not be able to get that young lady to come? Moreover, with his Lord's identity, wanting to get the lady to come here would be just too easy for him.

    The man did not say anything, but just saw the white figure walking towards the crowd and he turned himself around to go down the steps, intending to follow behind to go take a look.

    When the middle aged man saw that, he went to follow behind in a hurry.

    In a open space surrounded by a crowd of people, a slightly thin man was squashed under a fat woman and he was unable to get up. Because the fat woman's full weight was crushing him, his face was flushed a deep red, where he was finding it hard to breathe.

    "Get..... Get off me!"

    The man attempted to push the fat woman on him away to get up but he was unable to budge her at all.

    "Oww..... Big Brother..... My hip hurts. She kicked me on my chest and it hurts..... it hurts so much that I am not able to stand up."

    The fat woman lay sprawled completely on her back with her face up towards the sky. With her own elder brother as a human mattress under her, she had not felt all that much pain when she fell. But as she had been kicked on her chest, she was gasping for air so hard that she did not even have the strength to stand up.

    Dressed in a suit of tight fitting black clothes, Leng Shuang swept a cold and unfeeling glance over those two people and was about to lead her horse away when she saw her Mistress holding Old White and Sunny as she stood among the crowd, where she then went walking towards Feng Jiu.

    "Mistress, I've managed to purchase everything."

    Feng Jiu threw a glance at those two people and nodded her head as she said: "Then let's go!" She lifted Sunny up onto Old White and then flipped herself up. Clipping Old White lightly on the abdomen and with a low shout, she proceeded forward.

    With a tap of the tip of her foot, Leng Shuang flipped herself onto her horse as well and followed behind Feng Jiu to leave.

    Seeing the two ladies leaving just like that on their horses, the people surrounding them could not help but be startled, feeling that the two of them were really bold to have beaten up the two siblings from a local wealthy family and were walking away from it just like that.

    The man who was watching from among the crowd saw that and a skirt chasing glint rose in his eyes. Having come to such a lowly ninth grade Sun Glory Country on this trip, he had not thought that he would be able to meet such an exceptionally good looking and graceful maiden.

    Watching the white figure gradually going further away, he did not hesitate to summon up his Qi to move, to chase after the figure in front.

    The middle aged man was slightly stunned to see that and his eyes looked thoughtful a moment before he followed after with his brows knitted up.
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