284 Caught off Guard

    Feng Jiu was riding upon Old White as she moved on ahead and as they were moving along on the street, their speed wasn't all that fast. She did not ask Leng Shuang about what happened at all, like the earlier scene had not occurred, not bothering with it completely.

    Actually, it wasn't that she was not concerned, but because knowing that Leng Shuang was fine, there wasn't anything else about the matter that was worth worrying herself about.

    "Mistress, there's someone following us behind." Leng Shaung who was riding upon her horse beside Feng Jiu said, her gaze cold as winter's frost as she looked at the man following unhurriedly behind them.

    "Let's go! No need to bother with him."

    Feng Jiu said with nonchalance, knowing that it was the man upstairs from earlier without even having to turn his head back. The other party's highly invasive gaze making it hard for her even if she wanted to disregard it. If he dares to tail them, then let them follow as they wish then! She would like to see how the other party was going to keep up with them.

    "Where's the titbits I asked you to buy for Sunny? Bring out a little of it." Feng Jiu said as she reached a hand out to say.

    "Here, I bought sugared lotus seeds." Leng Shuang replied, handing over a little bag to her.

    After Feng Jiu accepted it, she gave it to Sunny sitting in front of her and said: "Nah, hold it and eat. But do not eat too much in one go."

    "Thank you Big Sister Feng." Sunny said with a happy smile, thanking her in delight.

    "Good boy." Feng Jiu then said, similarly smiling as she gave his cheeks a pinch.

    The man following behind watched them and although most of what he saw was only her back view, but her every gesture and action, her every frown and every smile, all fell into that pair of eyes, that he continued to observe with interest.

    The two people in front moved on along upon their horses, till they went out through the city gates. The two men behind still followed, the only difference after they went out through the city gates being that the two men rode upon their swords to fly, trailing less than ten meters behind Feng Jiu.

    Feng Jiu did not even give them a single thought while Leng Shuang did not bother herself with them anymore because the other party was merely following them but did not take any further steps to do anything else. Although that was the case, she still kept her guard up as was necessary.

    And like this, the group of people continued on forward in that strange and peculiar manner. Feng Jiu up front lifted a hand up lightly to push a few strands of hair that had fallen over her cheek back behind her ear, feeling the light caress of the faint breeze blowing past her gave. Her eyes glinted with a dim light, and a strange smile that was so faint it was almost unnoticeable curled up the corners of her lips.

    About a half incense's period of time passed when suddenly, two loud crashes of something heavy smashing onto the ground sounded from behind that was followed by two mournful groans.

    'Bam! Bam!'


    Leng Shuang had always been keeping an eye out behind her. Hence, when she saw the men who had been riding unguardedly upon their flying swords fall down so wretchedly from a height of about two metres up in the air, she could not help but be rather surprised.

    Turning to look at her Mistress and seeing the smile that curled up the very edge of her lips, Leng Shuang then realized that it was her Mistress' doing.

    "Master, are..... are you alright?"

    The expression on the middle aged man's face had changed, feeling rather shocked as the spirit power in his body had suddenly disappeared which caused him to fall to the ground. Not even bothering with all the mud stuck to his body, he immediately looked around him guardedly.

    The other man was similarly extremely shocked at that moment as he gazed with a surprised expression at the white figure riding upon her horse who had turned her head back to look, feeling completely incredulous.

    He had been too careless! He had not even thought that the lady could possibly be so capable. She had not even needed to turn her head back, not needed to strike at them at all, but had caused the spirit power in their bodies to deplete completely without them noticing a thing.

    Could she possibly be an alchemist?

    But that was not possible at all! How could such a lowly and tiny ninth grade country produce a highly revered alchemist?

    Then, there was only one other possibility!

    She has odourless and colourless drugs on her body that can deplete the spirit energy of cultivators!
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