285 Back to Cloudy Moon City

    Feng Jiu sat astride upon Old White and looked down at the two men who had fallen to the ground from her high up, and her lazy sounding voice was coldly distant when it came out.

    "Both of you had better not continue to follow us, or the next time would not be such a simple lesson."

    Tossing out that warning, she then turned herself around and clipped Old White on the abdomen as she left out a soft shout, when Old White was then seen to immediately gallop speedily on ahead.

    Leng Shuang quickly drove her horse forward to give chase and very soon, the two ladies disappeared from the sights of the two men on the ground.....

    "My Lord, that woman is truly not an ordinary person."

    The middle aged man watched them ride away on their horses and he could not help but blow out a breath of relief. To have been able to trip them up without them noticing a single thing, that had truly been beyond anything they had expected.

    The man laughed and his eyes glinted darkly while he said: "I had said that she isn't ordinary right? That proves, my eyes are never wrong."

    "Your subordinate is only glad that she had not tried to kill us." Under those circumstances, if she had wanted to kill them, it was feared that they really might not be able to make through it alive.

    The man threw the middle aged man a glance and said: "She doesn't even know who we are, and there is no grievance between us. Why would they want to kill us?"

    His voice paused a moment and the corners of his mouth then curled up while a highly determined glint shone in his eyes before he went on to say: "But I had not thought that such a peerless beauty would appear here in a lowly ninth grade country like the Sun Glory. She is truly..... an unforgettable sight."

    That's right. Just a short encounter had already elicited thoughts of him wanting to get her.

    The thing that first attracted his gaze to her was her peerless beauty, followed by the elegance on her body, together with that sharp chill hidden within those eyes. What he had not expected was that she had been able to make both of them fall without them noticing a thing, and seemingly so effortlessly.

    That mind, that resourcefulness, just made his skirt chasing intentions become more serious.

    That woman, was one he really wanted!

    He was thinking, to subdue that haughty and cold woman pressed down below his body. That would really give him a great sense of achievement!

    Feng Jiu was not aware of the intentions this man held in his heart. If she had known, she would have turned back around and drove a blade right through him

    The two people supported each other to the side of the road to sit down and have a rest. After roughly about two hours had passed and the effects of the drugs had subsided, the spirit power then returned to their bodies.

    "My Lord, are we going to return back to the Green Gallop Country now?" The middle aged man looked at the man and asked.

    The man was thoughtful for a moment before he replied: "Mm. We'll go back first and then send people here to look into the identity of that woman."

    "Yes, my Lord."

    The middle aged man had replied rather helplessly. Although he felt that that woman had better been left alone than to go antagonize her, but the Lord was interested in her, hence, there was no choice but to do what the Lord said.

    On the other side

    Leng Shuang asked in incomprehension: "Mistress, when did you employ those drugs? How come I did not see anything?" Those men behind had been watched her all that time. How did she do it undetected?

    Feng Jiu curled up her lips and said with a smile: "If you had been able to see it, then how could those two men then have fallen for it?"

    She was staring into the path ahead as she continued to say: "After we get to the Cloudy Moon City, bring the God Soul Wood to the Peach Blossom Ridge and let them guard the place. Also, bring your younger brother back to the Feng Residence."

    Hearing that, Leng Shuang's face then showed a faint tinge of a smile. "Yes, Mistress." Thinking of her younger brother, a soft gentleness filled up her heart.

    They travelled leisurely the rest of the way, and it was roughly about half a month later before they reached the Cloudy Moon City. Once in the Cloudy Moon City, Feng Jiu and Leng Shuang split ways. Leng Shuang rode her horse to go towards the Peach Blossom Ridge, while Feng Jiu rode Old White towards the Feng Residence with Sunny and Little Ball.

    Because Old White was not willing to let Little Ball ride upon its head, Little Ball could only run after them on the ground behind.....
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