286 She Has Come Back

    "Did you hear? It is said that Guan Xi Lin who came out from the Guan Family has become the black market's top fighter on the charts."

    "I already knew about that two days ago. You don't say, that Guan Xi Lin's fighting prowess and his gift is just terrifying. I went to the black market's arena to watch him fight and his moves were just amazing. For the Guan Family to have chased him out, it is just their loss."

    "You can say that again. So many family clans have been trying to win his favour where some of them are even trying to draw him into their clans through marriage. But I heard that he is seeking to establish his own clan which has rendered many of those many clans helpless."

    "That's right! Didn't he buy that large manor beside the Feng Residence? I heard that they had been setting that place up all this while and it seems like he is only waiting for an auspicious date for him to move in."

    "The Guan Family must be dying with regret."

    "Haha, that is most definitely the case."

    "The Eldest Miss of the Feng Residence has not been seen recently and the word around seems to say that she went out for training?"

    "Speaking about the Feng Residence's Miss, it is really unbelievable that she actually got Old Master Feng to annul her engagement to the Third Prince. With her face all ruined and disfigured, isn't she afraid that she will be left on the shelf after she breaks off the engagement?"

    "So what if she is left on the shelf? The Feng Residence only has her to carry on their bloodline and the Feng Family can more than afford to feed her even if she does not marry. But, didn't I hear that the Third Prince was not willing to annul the marriage engagement? It seems that the matter is still hanging."

    "The Third Prince is the most outstanding among the Sun Glory's younger generation. It was thought that the Feng Family's Eldest Miss was greatly blessed for her to be able to marry him. I really don't know what she....."

    The man was speaking when his gaze suddenly turned into a stare, his eyes widening up in shock.

    The other two men beside him turned their heads around to look. With that one look, their eyes widened in shock as well. Besides incredulity, there was also a look of embarrassment as well. They had not thought that the subject they were gossiping about behind her back, had actually heard everything they had said.

    Hearing those words, Fen Jiu gav a faint smile and glanced at the men before she rode Old White to make her way towards the Feng Residence.

    [So her Big Brother has taken first position on the black market's chart and has even bought himself a manor. He has done rather well for himself.]

    [As for her engagement with Murong Yi Xuan..... she'll now go back and deal with it!]

    It was until she had gone a far distance that the men snapped back to their senses and stuttered as they said: "That..... That was the Feng Residence's Eldest Miss Feng Qing Ge right? Her countenance has been restored?"

    "It looks like it has been restored. It was said she left for training, but I think she went to seek treatment for her face."

    Another one of the men then said, his eyes looking highly mesmerized: "She is indeed worthy of being our Sun Glory's greatest beauty. That countenance and elegance really is so stunning....."

    Because Feng Jiu was riding on Old White who looked both like a dragon and a horse that made them so conspicuous, and added to the fact that Feng Jiu's looks had been restored, her flawless beauty also caused people who saw her to cry out in surprise.

    "Isn't that the Feng Family's Eldest Miss, Feng Qing Ge?"

    "Look! Her disfigured face has been restored?"

    Many of the Cloudy Moon City's citizens knew her well and as she made her way towards the Feng Residence, everyplace she passed drew gasps of surprise and heated debate from the citizens.

    "Did you know? The Feng Family's Young Miss, Feng Qing Ge has come back! And her face has recovered....."

    Like that, the news spread from one person to ten, and ten to a hundred through word of mouth. It did not take long before the news spread to every corner.

    -- Murong Yi Xuan's Residence --

    Murong Yi Xuan shot to his feet behind his desk, his eyes full of surprise as he stared at the guard to ask: "Did you say Qing Ge has come back?"

    "Yes, the Feng Family's Eldest Miss has returned and because she was riding upon a strange looking horse through the streets, many people noticed her. And her disfigured countenance has been restored as well."

    When the guard finished, he felt a rush of wind blow past him. He raised his head up to look, and saw no sign of His Highness.....
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