288 Revealed Mercilessly

    "Qing Ge."

    That single call of Qing Ge made everyone who had already crossed over under the doors to pause in their steps, and to turn their heads back to look.

    Seeing that noble figure dressed in purple in a robe standing not too far away from the Feng Residence, everyone could not help but to look at Feng Qing Ge, the white robed peerless beauty whose entire person exuded a chilly demeanour.

    The person who came here was the Third Prince himself, Murong Yi Xuan, her fiance. Although it was said that the engagement between the two people was already proposed to be withdrawn by Old Patriarch Feng but as Murong Yi Xuan was unwilling to, the engagement was left hanging and the relationship between the two of them was still not severed.

    The spectating crowd had initially not really been in favour of this engagement as Murong Yi Xuan was the Sun Glory's most gifted among the new generation, a proud son of Heaven with a limitless future.

    And though Feng Qing Ge was the Feng Residence's Eldest Miss, and was also the Sun Glory's greatest beauty, but in this world where powers reigned supreme, her powers in the eyes of the people were just ordinary and unremarkable, to the extent that the gift of some pampered offsprings from some other family clans was even greater than hers. Not to mention when her countenance had even been disfigured some time ago.

    Even if her looks had now been restored, but as her powers were really just too weak, the people still think that she was not worthy of Murong Yi Xuan. Afterall, beside a proud son of Heaven, must stand only a lady with top notch powers and beauty.

    "All of you can go ahead inside first!" She handed Sunny over to her grandfather, and asked them to go inside.

    "Alright, the two of you have a chat. If that doesn't work, then ask him to come in as well." The Old Patriarch said, and then brought Sunny to walk inside.

    Feng Xiao glanced at Murong Yi Xuan and then sighed while shaking his head before he made his way in as well. Although he rather liked Murong Yi Xuan, a pity, his daughter did not like him and there was nothing he could do about it. No matter how satisfied he was with Murong Yi Xuan, he would let his daughter preference take precedence.

    Murong Yi Xuan walked himself forward and saw that the scars that had been on her face had all disappeared, restored to its original snowy smooth flawlessness. Seeing her looking so peerlessly beautiful but being so distant, his heart twinged slightly with pain but his face was showing a gentle smile instead.

    "There's a teahouse just up ahead. Shall we go have a cup there?"

    Feng Jiu glanced at him and saw that many people were crowded around and looking at them. She nodded her head and followed him to go to the nearby teahouse, where they got themselves a private room on the second floor.

    In the private room, the atmosphere was heavy. It wasn't filled with the light air of fluffy love, nor was there the sense of bashful longing.

    The two people sat at the table, and Murong Yi Xuan poured a cup of tea for her. Seeing her detached and distant demeanor, he restrained and concealed the pain in his eyes while he said with his gaze fixed upon the cup of tea in his hands: "About the matter where Grandfather Feng met my Father to withdraw our engagement, I did not agree to it."

    Feng Jiu picked up the tea and took a sip. Hearing those words, her gaze changed slightly and she glanced over at him to say: "I have already spoken to you about withdrawing from the engagement. We are not suited for each other and there is no point dragging it any further."


    He looked up startled at the highly apathetic Feng Qing Ge. His smile was bitter as he said: "It could be said that we grew up together from young, how could we be unsuited to each other? I know that you must be angry with me because I wasn't able to recognize you before, and I know that I was at fault. But Qing Ge, can't you give me another chance?"

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu laughed and shook her head as she looked at him, her bright eyes seeing through it all, her clear voice coming out from her mouth measured and calm as the words struck at his heart mercilessly.

    "Actually, you do not really love Qing Ge as much as you imagine. With your intelligence, I believe that you would have long detected that the person sitting right here before you is not the same Feng Qing Ge that you are familiar with."
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