289 Thoroughly Enjoy a Cup

    Hearing those words, Murong Yi Xuan's hand trembled slightly, and the light within his eyes dimmed slightly, his face starting to become tinged with a slight paleness.

    Seeing that demeanor coming over him, the corners of Feng Jiu's mouth tightened and she went on to say: "Since you are already knew that, why do you pretend otherwise? The old Feng Qing Ge might be taken with you, but I, Feng Jiu will not. You are as good as a stranger to me and that is why our engagement must definitely be broken off."

    "Feng Jiu?" He raised his eyes up to look at her.

    "That's right. My name is Feng Jiu, and you can also call me Feng Qing Ge, but I am definitely not the Feng Qing Ge who was smitten with you."

    Hearing that, his lips moved slightly like he was about to ask something but in the end, he did not manage to utter a single word. He lifted up his tea to his lips and took a sip from it to calm his own heart. After a long pause, he then said: "I understand. I agree to break off the engagement."

    "That's for the best." The ends of Feng Jiu's lips lifted slightly, to reveal a smile.

    Seeing the delight that showed on her face, Murong Yi Xuan's eyes then glinted as he said: "I would like to get to know you all over again."

    Under her shocked and surprised gaze, he showed a gentle smile on his face as he said: " You are absolutely right. That first meeting at the restaurant, the second encounter in the Peach Blossom Ridge, and seeing you once more on the street, you had me mesmerized, moving my heart every one of those times, making it impossible for me to forget you. Hence, even if I have agreed to break off the engagement, I will still continue to pursue you."

    Feng Jiu shook her head and stood up with a laugh. "I will advise you to not waste any of your time on me and go work on cultivating yourself instead!"

    Leaving those words, Feng Jiu then left. She knew very clearly that she would never fall in love with someone like Murong Yi Xuan. Although he was highly outstanding, he was not suited for her.

    Seeing her turn around and leave, he did not stop her, because he knew that as long as he grew strong enough, and was outstanding enough, then, the day would come where she would definitely become his woman!

    In this world where power reigned supreme, the powerful were revered, and the weak were not able to survive. Even if she had the Feng Residence behind her, in this vast and wide world, she would come to discover one day that only someone with great power would be able to protect her.

    And she was right as well. He needed to work hard on his cultivation. The Sun Glory Country was merely a stepping stone for him and he would not hole himself in here his entire life. Out there in the world, the skies were wider that would allow him to soar.....

    -- Feng Residence --

    Coming back home, Feng Jiu had not even entered the hall when she already heard Guan Xi Lin's voice reaching her ears.

    "Why is Little Jiu not back yet? That Murong Yi Xuan is just too much. As a man, being so wishy washy makes him rather lame."

    "Who says I am not back?" She went walking inside with a smile, and immediately saw the seated Guan Xi Lin getting up to welcome her back the moment he saw her.

    "Little Jiu, you're finally back at last. I came rushing back here the moment I heard that you've returned."

    "You're almost about to move into your house, how can I not come back for that?" She said with a laugh. When she did not see Sunny in the hall, she then went on to ask: "Grandfather, where's Sunny?"

    "He was tired, and I had the servants bring him behind to have some rest." The Old Patriarch said with a smile, and then continued: "I've also ordered the kitchen to prepare a few dishes that you like. Have a few drinks with me first before you go back to your courtyard to rest."

    When he heard those words, Feng Xiao's brows creased up in slight disapproval as he said: "Father, Qing Ge must be tired out from her journey back. Shouldn't you let her have a good rest before you ask her to drink with you? See how much she has lost on this trip out. She must have suffered quite a lot out there and did not get much rest."

    Hearing those words, Feng Jiu laughed and said: "It's alright. I'm not....." She was interrupted before she could finish.

    "Mm. I think that Little Jiu should go get herself some rest first. We'll then be able to thoroughly enjoy a few good rounds tonight."
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