297 Elixir Formed

    "Who is knocking on the door! ?"

    A deep and authoritative voice came out from behind the doors. That was Feng Xiao's voice, stalwart and authoritative.

    "Feng Xiao, open the door."

    Standing with his hands behind his back, Murong Bo's similarly deep and majestic voice then sounded. His voice was tinged with imposing power, the tone naturally commanding the moment he spoke.

    When he heard that voice coming in from outside, Feng Xiao who was seated steadily behind the doors on the inside with a large blade clasped in hand immediately had his brows furrowed together, the imposing expression on his face sinking slightly. He hesitated for a moment, and his stalwart voice sounded out, tinted with apology.

    "My Ruler, please forgive your vassal for not being able to comply."

    When Murong Bo outside the doors heard those words, his brows knitted up and the humiliation turned to rage. As the ruler of the country coming here personally up to their doors, he was to be spurned like this?

    Not just Murong Bo was feeling a little humiliated, but everyone who had crowded just a distance away to watch and had not come forward were all showing faces of shock.

    [Who would have thought! ?]

    [To think that Feng Xiao would actually dare to refuse the Ruler and keep him standing outside? Isn't he being too audacious? It must be known that the Feng Residence was not really the same as Family Clans like them. Besides being the Family Head of the Feng Residence, Feng Xiao was also a Great General of the Sun Glory Country, a subordinate of Murong Bo. This outright refusal to obey orders, could possibly bring severe consequences.]

    "Feng Xiao! Do you know what you are saying?" Murong Bo said, his face darkening, and his voice turning slightly chill with rage.

    Just as the air before the Feng Residence's main doors was congealing, to become tense and dangerous, Feng Jiu was opening the pill furnace in the Alchemy Room. When she saw the three dark red pills inside, a smile of delight and excitement that came from deep in her heart showed on her face.

    She succeeded!

    Without guidance or instruction from anyone, she had based it only on her experience and understanding of Medicine, relying only on the simple steps and explanations depicted in the manual, to decipher the way to refine pills. After spending three days and three nights and after wasting quite a lot of spirit herbs, she had finally succeeded!

    She took the three pills out and put them on the table at the side to look at them carefully. She saw the spirit energy swirling upon the pills, and five grain lines upon the tiny pill, clear and distinct.

    "It's five grain lines indeed. Little wonder it drew down Heavenly lightning to temper the pillss."

    She said to herself in realization, as her heart filled up with surprise as she saw the grain lines on the pills. She had not thought that her first batch of pills would be of such a high level. It was recorded in the book that only pills with five grain lines and above would draw in Heavenly lightning.

    Not to mention that this was in the ninth grade Sun Glory Country. Even if it was in the sixth grade Green Gallop Country, it would not be easy to find a pill that possessed five grain lines.

    "This is great! I did not lose out after having wasted all those magical herbs."

    With a slight smile, she took out three bottles and put those three elixirs into each bottle separately. She stored them in the space and also kept the elixir furnace away before she walked out from the Alchemy Room.

    When she came out of the courtyard, Old Patriarch Feng who had been watching outside immediately asked when he saw her: "Little Feng? You succeeded with your alchemy? Those three strikes of Heavenly thunder have alerted everyone. Even the Ruler has come running here. Your Father is guarding the main doors but I fear he would not be able to hold it much longer."

    Hearing those words, Feng Jiu's eyes flashed briefly as she walked over to the Old Patriarch. She then turned around and said to Leng Shuang: "Go clean up the place inside."

    "Yes, Mistress." Leng Shuang acknowledged, before she went walking towards the Alchemy Room.

    "Grandfather, don't worry. It will be fine. With the Feng Residence's fame, no one will dare barge their way in forcefully."

    Feng Jiu reassured her grandfather in a soft voice and showing him a smile as she came to his side. "Although I spent quite a bit of time on it, I have succeeded in refining those pills. I have not been thorough enough with my thoughts into the matter. I had not expected that the first batch of pills I refine would draw down Heavenly lightning and it really shocked me."
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